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August 03, 2006



"It takes great moral courage for elected officials to ignore party politics"

Funny ... Most will see that as exactly what he is doing ... "party politics" but then CAIR does beat to one drummer and one drummer only. Death to Israel and on a more basic level submit or die to infidels!

Tim Tyler

Vis-a-vis Sen. Hagel's OpEd piece in the Washington Post:

I find it bordering on the sublimely ridiculous that Sen. Hagel, or any other elected politician, or political operative, has the gall to imply anything but U.S. responsibility for a situation entirely of our manufacture.

“Iraq is not a prize to be won or lost.

Excuse me?

Iraq was nothing BUT a prize to be won, until it became clear we had no idea what to with it once we had it!

“It is part of the ongoing global struggle against instability, brutality, intolerance, extremism and terrorism.”


Iraq became a CENTER of instability, brutality, intolerance, extremism and terrorism, since shortly AFTER our escapade began.

“There will be no military victory or military solution for Iraq. Former secretary of state Henry Kissinger made this point last weekend.”

Oh, my.

Dr. Kissinger, he of the “secret plans,” says no military solution or victory is possible in Iraq? Where was he four years ago, playing RISK® with James Schlesinger?

In regard to the author’s slip of the pen, I’m not surprised.

It seems our intentions – honorable or not – were never written down anywhere in the first place, or perhaps they were deleted before anyone with a sense of history could read them.

Solecism notwithstanding, there have been far more than the four “mis-es” mentioned in the article.

It left out

• mistaken use of intelligence
• misappropriation of funds
• miscalculation of cause and effect
• misled American public
• misbegotten premise
• misguided religious sanctimony
• miscarriage of justice
• misinformed decision making
• misanthropic outlook
• missed opportunities

Okay, so I threw the last one in.

I sure hope you don’t misread MY intentions.

For more information about my intentions, please come see me at



Good comments, starcraftInformer. You add a lot to the article, even if it is 4 months old almost. Hagel is at it again and I did a post on him today, 11/27/06. I will check out your place.

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