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October 14, 2006



People are starting to compete: who can upset Muslims more? It's simple economics.

People are taking a leaf out of the Danish book. Danish exports shot up following Islamic boycott.

Apple Gazette

This is nothing more than an overblow hoax: http://www.applegazette.com/mac/muslim-community-responds-we-love-the-apple-nyc-cube/


Even if it is a hoax, it's getting to the point where it is believable. Crazy.


When are we going to stop saying we shouldn't let a few whacko Muslims hijack Islam. They are all whacko.


Our next stores name :

Cristal Night, Miami
SS Flashlight Party,L.A
Stallag House VIP's,Dallas
Israel M...F..., Seattle
Mossad Lounge, Las Vegas


May peace and blessings of God be upon who ever reads this.. I only have a few points to make.. One, Kaaba is not a Muslim bldg.. its before Islam.. it was rebuilt by Abrahim.. so its before Judaism.. Its known as the first house built for the purpose of worshiping One God.. Second.. Mohammad, may peace and blessings of God be upon him, was a peaceful man, if you have not read his biography.. then you have no right to pass comments on his character for the world to see.. such as the Danish cartoon.. And if you plan to read his bio you can find it on www.alislam.org in the online Library:) Thirdly, to group all Muslims together under one category is ridiculous.. What religion did Hitler carry?? According to Wikipedia he advocated "Positive Christianity".. shall we now say, lets stop fooling ourselves all Christians are Nazis!! I looked to this site for info and insite.. not uncalled for comments..


the thing is this apple mecca building is getting to muslims because of the name 'Mecca' and the way the building is shaped. is there a need to call it mecca? and why was this name chosen?
people really need to think why are muslims getting angry its because of the fact that you have done it in such a way and made it out that it won't matter but it does and its really getting to a point where muslims are getting pushed to an edge and this is what this building is doing. there is no need for this why can't people just get along and be happy its because of these things people are on fire.


yes they are right if u people r so innocent and good ones. then why u also creates these kind of things. the Muslims did'nt do anything against ur religion have u got any single example like that against the Muslims. Why u make the shape like that and the main thing WhY?WhY?WhY? you named it Mecca. to disgrace our religious thoughts, Our heartbeatings. what do u think these kind of bull shit blogs can satisfy us. U Want to say U can Kill anyone and then say "O Sorry U were Killed?" this habit is not going on now. and it should be stopped or we can stop it whatever we can.

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