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January 27, 2007


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Deb: I've been reading about this Border Angel program here for a while. You're not an ogre, and nor am I.

The fastest and best way to stop the deaths of people crossing the border illegally is to stop illegal immigration. Setting up water stations is like leaving bread crumbs in "Hansel and Gretel" because it shows "them" the way.

At some point this week you posted an article about the "GOP Call to Action." The single issue I judge my candidates on is whether they favor the "wall" or the "guest worker" program. Guess which ones I support?

Douglas V. Gibbs

set up the water stations, but fill the cups with laxatives, and put portable toilets highly available on the Mexican side.


StormWarning, I like the "Hansel and Gretel" comparison. It fits perfectly

Illegal immigration and terrorism (which actually go hand-in-hand) are my two big issues.

If a candidate is for amnesty he will never get my vote.

I'm liking Tancredo so far. He also understands the threat we face from Islamic terror.


As a Christian I understand the need and call to help those less fortunate. It's central to our faith and, in fact, commanded by our Lord and Savior.

But we are also commanded to obey government (see Titus 3:1) as long as it [government] does not require us to violate our faith. As the laws of the US make it illegal to enter the country illegally, it is our Christian duty to obey they laws. We can (and should) assist the less fortunate with legally entering our country, but we should not facillitate criminal acts.

Perhaps what needs to be done is for ICE to arrest these "Border Angels", politicians, and others who are assisting these illegals in breaking the law. Wouldn't that be of even more help than arresting and/or fineing employers who hire illegal aliens (though that should also be done)?



Private Party

How about asking him why his group did not report the missing woman & child over the weekend of Feb, 1,2008 to ANY law enforcement in Boulavard CA? It seems that his so called "Rescue" team was in the area of BLVD. Ca Saturday, Feb. 1,2008 when they were met by the local Border Patrol group, It seems that "Somehow" they had information form a "Previous" illegal alien who they would not name, who saw a young woman in a building about 150 yards north of the border who was currled in a corner of a building holding a small child and BOTH were DEAD! And they have been looking for this female and child for 8 days without notifying ANY law enforcement agencies on the "North" side of the border where she was last seen!
Now I call that criminal, sorry, but NO humanitirian group setps OUTSIDE the law in those circumstances!
This type of BAD behavior is unacceptable and his group know it and were ashamed to admit this information!

Now I ask you, why on earth would ANY group NOT tell authorities that there may be a dead woman and child in the area?

And he calls the Minutemen groups vigilanties and every other thing bad! Hello Mr. MORON, you are dispectible, and law enforcement should go after you for this. And anybody who thinks his group does good things for people remember this and think 10 time befor you help Mr. MORON!

I was there and know the details of what happened, and the search to recover the bodies! Now the local BP will get involved and Mr. Moron will have a LOT of questions to answer! I hope he ROTS in you know where!


A comment emailed to me today by Ben Cassel:

Some corrections for your article:
The Border Angels are largely a political action group, sponsoring the Marcha Migrante and sending their leader to advocate for rights. They do not service any water stations in the US.

My organization — Water Station — does that. We are a non-political non-profit group that holds licenses for 360 stations, and currently has 125 established. We are licensed by the BLM, California State Parks, and the US Interior Departrment. We do indeed have a great working relationship with the Border Patrol, Imperial County Sheriff’s Office, and the State Park rangers. These groups support our mission, since people really don’t want to have to recover the bodies of their fellow human beings.

Honorable people may disagree about whether the migrants should live here; no decent person would argue that they should die here.



**End Comment**

Ben Cassel

My group, Water Station, was not in Boulevard in February of this year. We do not set up stations until the end of March and we have no stations west of the Mountain Spring offramp. Also, I believe your post refers to Enrique Morones, who is not affiliated with our group.


New bumper stickers along the border.

"Don't I.D. me bro!

Your president is the illegal alien."


Hey guys,

I’m writing a work about this topic and I’m really surprised how many people are against those water stations. Isn’t it the way that the people who are crossing are so desperate that they would cross the border anyway.. if these water stations exist or not? Just when these stations are there then many get the chance to stay alive instead of dying? I just wonder about the ones who are against the water stations if they are against despite the knowledge of what effect it will have if they are not there.. or doesn’t it matter if so many people are dying?




Preventing humans from dying due to lack of water or extreme weather conditions is not a crime. It is an act of humanity guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution.

As Americans we must be ashamed that as a first world country we are continuously seeking third world solutions to our deficiencies.

I must also point out that the the Rule of Law doesn't run this country. Those who claim this use it to erroneously perpetuate their "Rule of Fear". The U.S. Government operates (is supposed to) by three branches. This dictated in our U.S. Constitution which is the ONLY supreme law of our land. The Constitution creates our 3 branches of government (& checks and balances) : Judicial, Executive, and Legislative. The Rule of Law alone does not run this country, it's part of 1 of the three branches of our government. Checks and balances amongst these 3 branches are required by our constitution. The two other branches (judicial & executive) in government are supposed to ensure that the Rule of Law doesn't become unconstitutional, undemocratic, and more importantly INHUMAN. "We" the people in 2/3 branches have expressed our opposition to "illegal immigration" as it is a crime to humanity and contradicts the values in our U.S. Constitution.

Congress (legislative branch) needs to create immigration laws (& process) that is fair, relevant, and funcStop corrupting our laws with your "fear"....


i say shut down the water stations and let the bodies rot. maybe that would deter the border jumpers. tired of you fuck wads turning everything into racism. my smith and wesson doesn't give a dam what color you are.you fuckers let your own country fall a part so now you want to screw this one up.their are citizens that i would like to throw out of the country. do you think i will have compassion on a criminal border jumper. these people say they are proud to be mexican but can't wait to leave their country with no attempt to fix.


That is bull crap to say that anybody who is opposed is racist. I have Hispanic friends and I will say that they are good people but they have obtained their status LEGALLY jumping the border is ILLEGAL and I agree I think that instead of providing "breadcrumbs" they should change their organization and help them obtain the status legally. If a murderer came to your front door and you knew he was a murderer and asked you for a bed to sleep in and food and water to help him replenish himself would you help him or would you turn him away because it is considered to be a crime. Aiding and abetting is a crime in which someone who may not have helped with the crime helps the criminal. To give supplies to known illegal immigrants is helping them commit the crime and that is not something that we should allow to happen.

Cory Smith

Hahaha This is so laughably ignorant. The writer has obviously not met any Border Angels volunteers or actually seen what the organization does. If only more people in this world were so loving and giving.


"Preventing humans from dying due to lack of water or extreme weather conditions is not a crime. It is an act of humanity guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution."

Wow, wonder what copy of the Constitution Maria is reading from, can't find that anywhere in mine.

What part of illegal don't you understand? Want to save illegal aliens' lives? Use the money you waste to build a wall with barbed wire on top.

C Blaine

The guy who runs it came to speak at my school. His tirade was so radical (he praised Rodney King and compared the border fence to the Berlin Wall) that, afterwards, a liberal friend of mine remarked that he had actually made her more CONSERVATIVE on immigration policy. I got the feeling that was the sentiment of most in the room--especially after he essentially labeled half of us and/or our families de facto racists.


It's sad to see so many of you willing to end lives on American soil because you don't like a certain group. I respect your opinion, believe me, yet the circle never ends and who knows, maybe someday you will depend on us, and you will be the ones risking your life to attain a better life. And us, we'll be letting you die, closing our borders and preventing you from a natural right. We will call you aliens, we will abuse you, we will threaten you, and then can you say you have been in our shoes. I hope that never happens, but we are humans not fortune tellers.


We have absolutely no problem with illegal immigration.

We have a problem with unrecognized migration, the movement of a population from one location to another.

It's a criminal thing, not a caring thing. Follow the law and NO ONE has to die in the desert, alone and in pain, whacked out of their minds due to heat or raped and abandoned by their Coyote!

Sorry but the truth is the truth!



I was with you until the part where religion came into this. Islam isn't a threat it's the extremists. Back to the matter at hand, Border Angels just held an assembly at my school, I am in awe of the fact that my school, though it is a bit on the left would support an organization that breaks the law.

El Comandante

Harriet Tubman was considered a criminal too. As was Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Of course Dr. King is mainly known in your circles as "A comunist".

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