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January 12, 2007


Faultline USA

I couldn’t find a link to 'Sharia Association of America' either. I think that non-Muslim Americans should demand that meat prepared according to Muslim dietary laws should be properly labeled. Additionally, institutions, such as nursing homes, schools, prisons etc., should in advance inform those who might accidentally eat Halal food that they have equal alternatives. Such a bill should be immediately presented to Congress.

As more and more meat packers vie for the Muslim dollar, preparing meats that Halal way will increase the overall cost of our meats and foods. Non-Muslim Americans who have other options than Halal can help keep prices down by refusing to buy Halal food.

The Machete' of Truth

A Machete' riddle:

Q. How do you pursuade a chicken to face toward Mecca?

A. Just egg him on.


Machete' of Truth, that's funny. I wondered about that requirement myself. ha

Faultline USA, did you see what McDonalds said? "...customers who did not want halal food should buy from any of its other stores" That is catering to Muslims above everybody else. Is this the way of the future? What about catering to Muslims in other ways? That's what is happening in the United States now, with the ACLU and CAIR filing lawsuits everytime a Muslim gets their little feelings hurt over some perceived insult.


Oh Yum! I building a shed now so I can follow the Jihad.

Does this make me a ranting Infidel?

Will Iran accept me now?

Can I work part-time at KFC in Tehran?

Great Article.


Great post hun and btw I don't eat their crappy food. But this catering to Muslims-the final appeasement that is happening around the world is just sickening.

I will glady get my food from anywhere as long as it is NOT Mickey D's!


Funny how they were never pressured into serving KOSHER food!..this is beyond the pale..welcome to dhimmitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Right, I don't see the restaurants jumping at the chance to have kosher meals.


>interesting to see what comes next AFTER halal.
It's bad enough pressing numbers, now we have to wade through ideological chicken wings...
b.t.w..Cute Machete riddle.
and ps: Thanks Debbie (link)


You are welcome, MB. Don't be a stranger.


I have NEWS for you!

You have been paying for YEARS to eat kosher foods.

The codes are on most labels and are usually an E, a K or a circled U.

Consumers must pay this "hidden" kosher tax whenever they purchase any food that has these labels.

Get used to it. Islam is undermining everything that you thought you knew.


Q. How do you pursuade a chicken to face toward Mecca?

A. Just egg him on.


That's a pretty funny yolk.


Fantastic article Debbie! I can not, and will not, eat any meat that is cursed in the name of allah. It is against my Religious beliefs, for one thing. Since I do NOT practice islam! If they want to have halal'ed meat, then I say find it in a muslim country near you. And leave our country alone! For God's sake when will this madness end?


To be halal meat doesn't say it has to be faced towards makkah. Rather to say that this meat is being cut in the name of God. Some people will say "No you don't say god you say ALLAH!"

That is true since Allah is the arabic version of the word God. Allah means Al Lah.. The Lord. Arab christians and jews refer to god as Allah fyi.

As for eating Halal meat.. its cut in the same manner that God stated in the Torah and the Gospel that an animal should be cut in God's name.

We can go on for years with name calling and stone throwing but I think we just need to grow up.

It's amazing the outcry that comes from people when someone wants to be God fearing and practice their religion yet how many of these same people dare raise a cry when Gays are given rights to marriage, adoption and other such things.. or when Killers are set free because of plea bargains or when abortionists murder by the millions?

How many of you same people rant and rave a cry?! I'm sure none because then you would be going against what appears to you to be a majority.

Yet you want to sharpen your swords and load your weapons because a group of people in a part of a city of which they are a big number want to eat meat slaughtered according to their religious practice. Yes Yes stand up against this invasion!!..

Wait Vern what about the border down south? NEVERMIND that.. we have more important things to take care of right? Heh

Sally Mae

You are so disgusting. This country, the land of freedom, has been catering to ONLY Christians for all of its history. If it weren't for Muslims and Jews and Hindus and Buddhists moving to the country, actually working, (as opposed to trailer trash in the south), this country would be in shambles. How are American corporations bowing down to Muslims? These companies are not catering to them, if they were, there wouldn't be pig fat in 99% of your shampoos.

Mirazul Hasan

does the KFC & Mc Donalds In CHINA DONGGUAN SERVE HALAL Chicken

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