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January 17, 2007


the merry widow

Well that fit right in there as purty as you please!
Glad I could help in getting the Truth out for people to think about and then make up their own minds!
And thanks for giving me a chance to scratch that itch!



i will say this in all honesty, if a restaurant our family goes to announces it is serving these meats sacrified in the name of allah - we will get the halal out of there! we'll also boycott the ones you've mentioned here.

extensive research you've put into this full post.


Since about 75% of the airport's 900 drivers are Muslim Somalis...wow ..and still PC rules..ack!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for the mention, Debbie.

I just can't understand how we've let it get this far. Muslims can say and do virtually anything they want, but Christians get fired (illegally, I might add) for saying the name of Jesus.


Unbelieveable Debbie. Looks like the politically correct rule and that is a dangerous thing.


Hi Debbie, I hope you got my trackpost to here!!!


When it comes to those Cab drivers I reckon it depends if they are independents who own their cabs..if so then they should be allowed to haul who they want to haul..but if they worked for me they would be out looking for a job..


You all fail to realize one thing: it's over. Latino births make up 50% of the births in America. Once the baby-boomers pass on, European-Americans will be just another minority in this country. Conservatives should stop thinking that integration of all groups into what was previously called "mainstream" American culture is possible and should adopt the language of multiculturalism. Conservatives shouldn't even call themselves conservatives anymore, but "Protestant-European-Americans" instead. And they should no longer talk about what conseratives think on issues, but should instead say that certain issues are "important to the Protestant-European community." In a multicultural/relativistic country, once you're a "community", and not a political party, you can pretty much say anything you want and no longer have to provide arguments. It's too late to stop Balkanization and the point is to now protect the Protestant-European culture that was traditionally American culture. So have a good cry over the death of traditional American culture, and then start the hard work of protecting your heritage.


Good points everybody. JS, I hope we are not as far gone as you think we are. Maybe there is still hope.

Layla, yes I got the trackback. Thanks so much.

Nanc, you will not be alone in avoiding these places.

The Merry Widow, you did a great article. I knew you would :-)

Jason, wasn't that something with the Navy chaplain. I just couldn't believe it.

GUYK and Angel, on the Somali cab drivers, I was shocked the percentage was so large. I don't know if they are independents or part of a larger corporation. Will try to find out more on that.

Vanishing American

I too hope that the situation is not as hopeless as JS says. Call me stubborn, but I won't give up just on the presumption that the conquest is a fait accompli.
We, the majority Americans, are still just that: the majority, and in our political system, our will is supposed to be the governing principle. Any government, according to our Founding Fathers, that is not based on the consent of the governed (that's us, the citizens) is not legitimate, and is certainly not free. We need to exercise our rightful position as the majority; as long as we abdicate our power, then yes, we're already conquered. But it would be a disgrace to our forefathers to give up while we are still the majority!


brooke has left a response mcdonald's sent to her regarding halal at the merry widow's. very interesting.


Thanks for the tip, nanc, I'm headed over to read the comment.


Have you ever heard of modern racism? Its when you push your racist agenda, be it subconscious or not, while under the guise of something else (ie. immigration, religious tolerance, etc.). America the mixing pot was a bad idea, america the christian built nation is a lie, and America the freedom fighter is a delusion. gghf noob

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