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February 03, 2007


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» Crossing the Line from Wake up America>
There are no words to describe the feelings that I feel right now. No words. Rage is an understatement. Grief is an understatement. Sympathy, empathy, are not enough for how I feel for the family of U.S. Army SSGT Hector Leija [Read More]

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Excellent job!


Great posts and video hun!

Looks like you need to make those clips smaller. I had to learn to do it because the same thing happened at my place.

In the script hun you will see where there is the width "" height "" . Make your width "300" and your height "250" - you can play and see if width "325" and height "275" looks better. Usually this is in the first or second line...since it is YouTube there is another line towards the bottom with the width and height and just make sure to make it the same values you changed it to in the begining of the script.
That is if height is 250 make it 250 at the end too or the size change does not show.


Thanks for the help on my videos, Layla. This is the first time I have put anything original up and I knew there must be something I could do to fix that awful white border on each side.

I have changed the height and width the way you suggested. They look much better, but could be a little larger. I’m afraid to try messing with them any more. I may. I’m so technically challenged. I appreciate your help so much, you just don’t know!!!


Deb if you want to try make the width "400" and the height "350". If your blocks are like mine are on my blog layout for width you should be okay.

Let me know!


nice nice work!...how inspirational for the ones freed from tyranny eh?..:)

Night Rider

Hi Debbie and Tom,

Excellent Post and Video's and was a very good thing to see how Abdul really put his neck on the line to provide his people with hope.

Thank you all for this video it should be something that everyone should watch.

It stresses the importance of freedom.


Thanks Butch, Layla, Night Rider, Angel, and everybody.

Thanks to hubby for getting the video for me and permission from the producer.

He's so sweet!


What a great story. We've met another hero.

Thanks, Debbie, your hard work is very much appreciated.


Thomas Hamilton

"He's so sweet!"

Yes, He's just a helluva guy!



I plan to highlight this post on Monday...


Thanks, Butch. That would be great. You have so many nice folks stop by your place for a visit, maybe some of them would be interested in this video. Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated.


Nice posting.I think very effective information.

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