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March 11, 2007


Thomas Hamilton

Hey sexy,

You wanna go see a movie?

White Guy married to Deaf Black chick

It figures some low life has to get pissed at a great movie. Just because the villians are of darker skin. Those days are over when people like you shut the hell up. Like was said before it isn't going for the historic value. Do you think that they really had the guy with the blades on his arms, and that other monster type guy that was chained up (the 1st one that took the sword to the arm)? And Xerxes didn't look like a TRANSVESTITE at all to me. How did he look like that? He was tall, skinny, and bald wearing shorts. I bet that your one of those types of people that like to bitch a whine anytime white people do something. Do you email Spike Lee everytime he makes a new ghetto movie showing blacks killing each other with drugs and guns?
And as far as the other guy. How the hell can you as a Persian be pissed at the movie that it made Persians look evil? It was the Persians that they fought what would you have wanted them to use American Indians or someone else?
The problems of racism will go away when all the people that whine at every little damn thing decide to shut the F up and get over it.
So shut the hell up and enjoy the damn movie. I thought that it was great and a welcome change from the normal movies you see.
From yours truly, White guy married to deaf black chick...


TO: White Guy married to Deaf Black chic, if you had bothered to read the article completely, you would know that "I" did not make the comment about dark skinned people.

That was a review of the movie emailed out by the Muslim Forum of Utah. I posted it, along with excerpts from others sources, to show the varying opinions of the movie.

At the beginning of the post I plainly say, I have not seen the movie.

White Guy married to Deaf Black chick

I did read it and my coments go out to who ever wrote the comment. Sorry

White Guy married to Deaf Black chick

Debbie if you like Gladiator (my fav. movie of all time) type movies you really should check 300 out. And take it for what it is a movie that is based on a real event but like any other movie has some Hollywood flare added to it. I am willing to bet more than 90% of the movies ever made by Hollywood that are based on true stories aren't 100% accurate. So go check it out and enjoy. I loved it and WILL buy it when it hits dvd. Peace


Just to add. Persia was the old Iran. Modern people of Iran and the MidEast do have dark skin and black curly hair or bald. The movie is a modern interpretation of the people of the MidEast. There is no insult to them. In this century, you relate Persia to MiddleEastern culture and the people. That is all that was meant.

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