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March 07, 2007



I couldn't vote for Keyes in a million years. On the other hand, I actually respected Fred Thompson when he was Senator from the Great State of Tennessee.


I could easily support Fred Thompson. I like his stance on moral issues such as marriage, abortion, etc. And he's also a fiscal conservative which would also appeal to the "True Conservatives" (i.e. - social liberals + fiscal conservatives).


Let Thompson run! About time! I've been saying he'd be the very best choice for some time now. He has a commanding presence, not a hint of scandal in his past, and is a fine, principled Conservative. What a fine president he'd make!

Keyes I would ignore. His last foray into elective politics was a disaster and an embarrassment.


Jason, you raise an interesting point for me. You describe "true conservatives" as social liberals and fiscal conservatives. I have often described myself in those terms. And yet, I am pro-choice (and see that position as socially liberal). How would you reconcile that (and those obvious differences)?

Craig T.

I am curious why the other commenters have a problem with Keyes. I was a big fan of his in the 2000 race. He is very conservative and well-spoken. However, I could only imagine another Keyes-Obama confrontation, this time for the Presidency. Thompson is okay; I am kind of on the fence on him still.


SW, I put "True Conservatives" in quotes because it seems to be a label that a number of people (who are both socially liberal and fiscally conservative) use for themselves. I first heard (er...read) the term being used by Lee at RTLC (www.right-thinking.com).

As for reconciling them, what do you mean exactly? As I see it, there is no reconciling of those two positions unless a person deliberately lies to themselves about reality. It is impossible to truly be socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Take a look at these issues as an example:

Pro-abortion: The problem here is who pays for the abortion financially? The woman wanting it? The man who impregnated her? Her health insurance? The government (i.e. - taxpayers)? What if the man wants the child but the woman doesn't? Should he be forced to pay for the murder of his unborn child?

According to Planned Parenthood and most other pro-abortion advocacy groups, abortion is a right and should be provided free of charge.

Then there is the right to life issue. All human beings have a right to life. Without being alive, no other rights matter. From the Declaration of Independance:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Yet pro-abortion advocates don't care one whit about life. They would rather see a completely innocent human being put to death for the sins of his/her parents.

Pro-drug legalization: This is another socially liberal position held by many (if not most) "True Conservatives". Yet drugs are one of the most harmful substances to the human body and to society as a whole. Drug users poison their own bodies, families, neighborhoods, and communities. And who pays to clean up the mess at every level? The American Taxpayer does.

Many drug rehab programs are funded by taxpayer dollars. This means that I (and you) am being FORCED* to pay to clean up (or rather attempt to clean up) someone who doesn't respect their own body.

Who pays to clean up the families that are destroyed by these drug addicts? Again, it's the taxpayer. There are many programs that are publicly funded that help the families get back on their feet. Spouses and children may need counciling and therapy, they may need job counciling and training to be able to earn a living. And who is FORCED* to pay for all that? The Taxpayer.

And how about cleaning up those neighborhoods and communities? Again, it is the taxpayer that is FORCED* to pay for increased police protection and coverage. The taxpayer is the one who has to deal with decreased property values due to increased crime.

*I'm not at all opposed to voluntarily contributing to such programs with my time, money, or both; Only to be forced to do so against my will (that's called theft...as long as it's not the government doing it).

I submit that a person cannot honestly be socially liberal and fiscally conservative (aka - a "True Conservative") without deliberatly lying to themselves about the reality of the situation.


Well, I know that I am not lying to myself, and I also know that I am not a "liberal" in any of today's definitions or meanings of that word. But I also know that I am pro-choice (I realize that you define that as pro-abortion). And yet, I define myself as a Republican.

The other day on my blog someone commented that he was to my left. I then responded that while I might be to his right, my friend Moonage was to my right, and that Debbie was even further to his right.

Today's American society is so polarized that there is a continuum of thought in which people place themselves. You have your beliefs, and I have mine. And as diverse as they might be (especially on the "choice" question - although I might also include other socially liberal issues and programs), when it comes to the voting both, neither of us is likely to vote for the Democrat and both of us are likely to vote for the Republican. I must admit however in our last Governor's election, I couldn't bring myself to vote for "hairboy" so I voted for Kinky.


SW, have you seen those Covenant 18-wheelers out on the road? They all have a sign on the back that says, "It's a child, not a choice". Be honest, the only "choice" involved is whether or not to murder an unborn child who has done no wrong to anyone.

You said that you were Jewish. From a religious perspective, how can you support abortion? Exodus 20:13 says, "Thou shalt not kill {Hebrew - râtsach - A primitive root; properly to dash in pieces, that is, kill (a human being), especially to murder}".

An unborn child is still human and is still entitled to humane treatment and care. Have you ever seen what abortion looks like? Try here ( http://tinyurl.com/ybv9nd ) for starters.

Can you give me one valid reason to support abortion? Just one is all I ask.

As for our recent gubanatorial election (I'm from Texas too), I couldn't manage to pull the trigger for "hairboy" (I like that! LOL), Kinky (Gov. Kinky is a bit much, not to mention his lousy politics), or "Grandma". They ALL stunk to high heaven.


The last thing the GOP needs is Alan Keyes running. He would make a mockery of the entire process.

Keep the fools (Sharpton and Kucinich) that think they have a chance and run campaigns based on idiotic platforms on the Democratic side.


"He would make a mockery of the entire process."

Why's that, Chad? I don't know anything about Keyes so what's the scoop?


Jason, my answer is quite simple (and very likely unsatisfying for you), but here goes.

While I am Jewish, I do not practice my Judaism to the extent that you practice or study your Christianity.

Partially, the answer to the question at hand lies in "when does life begin?" I realize that you believe that it begins at conception. I argue viability out of the womb (admittedly modern medical science has changed what that means). But note also that I am totally against partial birth abortion (third trimester abortion).

While I realize that you do not see the difference, I believe in the right of a woman to choose (within the limits just described). You do not agree with me based on your Beliefs. I respect that. However, arguing the point with me based on a passage from the Ten Commandments doesn't phase me.

At the same time, I can argue that there are many unwanted babies in this country. Some are adopted by kind and loving parents. My step daughter gave up her child in an open adoption and to this day has a relationship with the kid. And the child is alot better off with her adoptive parents than if my step daughter had kept the baby and lived her life as a teenaged unmarried mother. My step daughter's life has evolved to where she is now a productive professional about to have a family. But other babies are born into economically and socially deprived homes, many to unwed, drug addicted teenaged mothers who have no capacity for taking care of the child. Then, the child becomes a burden on society (you and me and everyone else). And there are numerous studies that then track these babies into young adulthood and beyond that suggest that they are a decrement to society.

The social arguments can go on and on. I can't and won't debate the religous side of this issue, though.


wow...I hadnt heard this Deb!


Good stuff...


SW, I didn't know that you weren't a practicing Jew. Sorry about that. I can leave the religious aspect out of it.

It is inarguable that life begins at conception. And from more than just a religious perspective as well. Biologically speaking, conception is the begining of a new human life. It has full and complete DNA unique to itself. It requires nutrients (food), breathes (takes in oxygen), and reproduces (cell replication). At 18 days (that's days, not weeks) it even has a heartbeat all it's own.

If a person decides not to have children, they have options. They can simply abstain from sex. Or, if the person is too weak-willed to be able to do that, they can choose voluntary sterilization. Instead of supporting murder, why don't pro-abortion advocates support those options instead?

The unborn child has committed no wrong. It's parents may have, but that is no reason to murder an innocent party.

And since you support a woman's "right to choose", do you also support the man's "right to choose"? What if the woman wants the child and the man does not? Can he then force the woman to have an abortion? After all, it is 100% probable that he will be forced to support a child he did not want in the first place.


Jason...I did NOT say that I didn;t practice the Jewish faith (its a matter of degree). I wrote that "I do not PRACTCIE my Judaism to the EXTENT that you practice or study your Christianity." The key word there is "extent."

Now, I'm done with this subject. Thanks for the interaction.

Faultline USA

Both men would sure make it interesting!

CW Goad


Find out why we believe Fred Thompson should run for President.


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