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April 30, 2007


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Cross posted from   Right Truth Deportation of illegal aliens. To some its a dirty word, never to be spoken and certainly not something caring people would actually do. Whether you are pro-deportation or anti-deportation, you can always find a sto... [Read More]

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Hundreds march in Houston on immigration HOUSTON — Hundreds of immigrants and their supporters marched through a Mexican-American neighborhood on Saturday calling for lawmakers to create a far-reaching immigration policy that allows undocumented work... [Read More]

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Ernesto Estrado, an illegal alien in Carrollton Georgia, ran an unlicensed dental practice out of his home. Estrado's dental equipment included items purchased at a hardware store. Ernesto Estrado is accused of performing procedures on hundreds of ille... [Read More]



How could Carillo afford cancer treatments but could not gain citizenship in the US? Think about that...


i think the border patrol should leave they already caused enough trouble

maria rodiguez

everybody should count equally... cause none of us are different..

john w. lillpop ... hahahaha ur just hating cause we took over america hahahah




Obviously there is no quick or easy fix to the illegal immigration situation in the US. Nothing good comes out of deporting undocumented parents of minor children. Deporting the great number of undocumented workers makes no economic sense either. Like it or not, undocumented workers benefit the economy more than most Americans want to admit (i.e., affordable lawn care, construction, child care, etc.). Along with these benefits comes the influence of other cultures into the “American culture.” The influence of cultures from other nations is nothing new to the US – we are a nation of immigrants after all.It amuses me that you pro-deporters are so gung-ho to spend money the government doesn’t have to get rid of the very people providing you with so many basic services on a daily basis. What a bunch of hypocrites.You are all also woefully ignorant of how many of these so-called “anchor babies” grow up to become successful professionals in this country. I really think there is a rather large amount of envy there that some illegal immigrants and/or their offspring are doing so much better financially than you are. But then they work harder to succeed.

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