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May 04, 2007



Great post Debbie and thank you for letting us know about this. I have heard about this type of crime in the past. It is horrible and wicked.

Yet our borders are still not secured - what does that tell you?


Just horrible...


I cross posted this one Debbie.


Kevin, thanks and I just approved the trackback.

Butch and Layla, thanks so much.


a fence usually makes a very good neighbor, no?


Debbie: As you know quite well, I have been covering the border situation and the Drug Cartel Wars for quite some time. This is not a surprise to me at all, and certainly not a surprise to a few of my friends who are involved in border CT work. Beheadings for the drug cartels have been going on for a while, with Acapulco being one of the more prominent scenes.

I had planned to post on Burton's Stratfor article (my analysis is only partially done at this point) and still may because I have other information to add, but not now.

Welcome to the Third World country "south of our border."


Stormwarning, I gave you a mention and a trackback on this. Look forward to your new article on the Stratfor/Fred Burton article. I only mentioned it slightly.


I have had extreme involvement and interest in the Mexican border wars, even before I moved down here. Yes, I noted that mention and I appreciate it.

We've provided technical support on numerous south of the broder operations in the last 7 years or so. One of my associates (a retired spec-ops guy) recently told me that he felt safer in Baghdad than he does on the border. To an extent, what we are witnessing is the effect of the activities of the Zetas. More later.


I wonder, have they had mid east influence on this type of violence?
Perhaps this is on their own volition.

Just another reason to SECURE THE DAMN BORDER!

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