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July 05, 2007


Always On Watch

"Prime Minister Gordon Brown said there will be increased scrutiny of foreigners recruited for their skills, including doctors coming to work for the National Health Service."

Yet, he has problems with using the words "Muslim" and "War on Terror." So just how is he going to increase scrutiny?

We in the United States trust that doctors will uphold the Hippocratic Oath. But the Koranic oath trumps the Hippocratic Oath in the eyes of Islamofascists. And one cannot discern an Islamofascist just by looking at him (or her).


To start with, it appears that the J1 Visa has little if anything to do with the issue of Medical Doctors entering the country on a temporary visa (its not really desgined for doctors, except for residents and interns).

Activities covered by J-1 visa programs include:

* Au-pair and nanny
* Summer camp counselors and staff
* Post-graduate students
* Government visitors
* Medical students coming to the United States as residents or interns
* Foreign scholars sponsored by universities as temporary faculty
* Business and Industrial trainees
* Anyone who takes part in a exchange program approved by the U.S. Department of State

Second, I would start to work hard to have your Congressmen look hard at the H1B Visa program. The H1B program is more specific to Work Visas for College Educated Professionals


All of this doesn't even begin to touch on the subject of the Visa Waiver Program through which citizens of certain countries to travel to the United States for tourism or business for stays of 90 days or less without obtaining a visa. The program was established in 1986 with the objective of promoting better relations between the United States and its allies, eliminating unnecessary barriers to travel, stimulating the tourism industry, and permitting the Department of State to focus consular resources in other areas. Visa Waiver eligible travelers may continue to apply for a United States visa if they prefer, but it is not required for stays up to 90 days.

francesca brunilde albanese

I am an Italian doctor wanting to work in the United States. Cuold you please tell me what to do to apply for a job in the States? tank you very much.


I do not have that information.

Union Ergonomics Inc.

We are looking for International Medical Doctors to join our team by owning Union Ergonomics clinics. Full training and on-going support provided. Loan of up to $140,000 is provided for qualified applicants. For more information please contact:info@unionergonomics.com or visit:www.unionergonomics.com


i am student of last year MD.(RUSSIA).so in 2010 i am going to graduate.i want to practice in USA.may you please direct me how can i get the paid internship in USA.and it is posible to get internship without usmle examination?


"Surely there are enough Americans who are qualified and smart enough to fill our medical positions."

An assumption that may not be true at all. Especially given the fact that there is an entire industry devoted to evaluated foreign quals as to their USA equivalents, and immigration is open to foreigners with equivalent training, than the playing field for graduate admission is effectively level.

When you consider the limited amount of med school opneings, and the sheer number advantages in the student pools from places like India and China, then the phenomenon is not hard to understand. When the academics are compared, there are many better qualified foreigners applying to medical school.

You dont have to like it, but that is the only plausible explanation; unless the schools are working with a foreigner admission quotient.


"C": Thanks for your comment. Some might take exception to your statement that "When the academics are compared, there are many better qualified foreigners applying to medical school."

I believe that there are quotas set by either the schools or the feds.

Desika C

Indian Doctors study get degree after 8 years in India, Come to USA. They again study for ECFMG for the next 2-3 yrs. After that 1-3 years wait for residency- they may do research in hospitals for free. At last they get residency, by working 48-72 hrs at a stretch, keeping their mouth shut and taking - overload burden and work load- being a foreigner closing eyes to the sublime discrimination/politics. This takes 3 -4 yrs, then they get a job in a hospital or a clinic, may be make 90-130,000/yr. If this is a woman she struggles more as she has to take care of home as well. Almost every Indian Doctor wants to do Fellowship. It Takes another 1-2 yrs wait + 3-5 yrs studies.
Thus Indian Doctors study and struggle almost 18 yrs to 25 years in USA before they start practicing and making money.
So, now US Government is rampantly arresting Indian Doctors and publicizing all over the world.
Can we believe that a doctor struggling almost 25 yrs of their life for a simple reason - call it LOVE or Passion for their Medical profession, would go and cheat US Government by selling Tylonol and VICODIN for $50.00 to drug addicts like a junky.?????
This is a shame to our country. USA trying to destroy Indian culture, reputation, destroy the respect in the whole world.
FBI agents 100s of them come with guns and bring half naked children from bathrooms, arrest by chaining legs and hands to innocent Indian Doctors, take them to Federal Criminal Jail, publicize all over the world in TVs, News papers everywhere Like this Indian doctor is the biggest CRIMINAL????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
In reality, doctors don't even know what the FBI Agents are talking about. FBI takes away cars, computers, all the money from banks. Doctors, half dead come out of jail with a horrible, horrifying disgusting feeling, humiliation, insult and shock. Kids totally get banned from all their friends. Parents don't know how to handle finances, kids education, insurances....etc. Whole world will be talking about this stupid, hard working, Indian doctor. He/She would not get a job as there is a Pending Indictment.
Now FBI somehow target spouse also, create a story and indict him/her. Again publicize all over the news papers.
Many Parents of this Doctor/spouse, will get shock and humiliated in the society, many parents died with heart attacks and some survived after several operations.
The allegations FBI makes are all LIES, MADE UP STORIES. THEY DON'T even know the Medicare Law.
The lawyers start with $25,000 dollars and they drag it for few years and squeeze every penny, close to 1 million, from these desperate doctors.
Many doctors and spouse try and fail to get jobs for few years survive like starving road side beggars.
Once the lawyer realize there is no money, they force the Indian doctor/Spouse to Plea Guilty. Lawyers have no clue about Medicare laws. They basically work with FBI and US Govt Prosecutors. Indian Doctors already bankrupt lost all their money, ego and feel totally DEAD accept the plea with the HOPE that they can at least have the license intact.
These inhuman Violent attacks on Indian Doctors HAS TO STOP.
It is the time Indian Doctors from all over the world should come together to save innocent families and lives of Innocent Desi Doctors from these atrocities in USA..

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