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July 18, 2007



If you choose, you can also read:

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Steve Harkonnen

A few years back, I had read somewhere that Chechen Muslims were already over the border. That was about the time I wrote that piece on a scenario where they hold a school in the US hostage and start killing children.


Steve, that is a fear I have expressed also. The Beslan-type attack on our children. This would be something they would love to carry out. There have been trial runs, with Muslims getting on school buses, etc.

Stormwarning, I'll check out the links.


There's been a lot of remarks in the news comparing the border wall to the Berlin wall that the Communists erected, mostly from Mexicans and Liberals.

That wall was to imprison their own citizens, our wall is to protect our country from invasion.

Personally, I think the worst of the threat of terrorist invasion over our borders is already past, simply because most of them that were coming are already here. Even so, blocking off further invasions of muslims and Mexicans is still a grand idea that we should persue with vigor.

Who knows? Maybe this will start happening in another year and a half after another 20 million or so swarm in.



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