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July 05, 2007



Good point of view, reflects mine. In fact, I just finished a snailmail to my Senator (Mitch McConnell) basically asking him when is he going to secure the border?

An off-topic bit and I hope you don't have think skin - Have you ever polled your readers if they find it difficult to read white text on a dark background? Dark text on a light background is much easier to read. Seriously.


GunTrash, thanks for the comments. Yes, I know the white print is hard to read. I tried some other templates, but the cheap version of TypePad I use doesn't offer much, and most readers actually preferred the white/black over the few other choices. So I guess I will stick with it until I'm offered something better.

I appreciate you sharing your thoughts about the site. I'm always open to improving things for readers.


Between the Muslims, Mexicans, Chinese, there's one helluva good case to be made to revert to isolationism.

Stop buying finished goods from other countries, especially CHINA, unless they're strategically vital. Import raw materials only and do all the manufacturing HERE! Close and shutter our borders and install one-way gates (metaphorically speaking) to push all the illegals back out of, including their kids who were born here. That will end a lot of abuse of THAT law. In fact, repeal that damned law and require that the parents be legal residents before any of their kids born here be given citizenship.

Enforce all our existing laws instead of piling more laws on top of more of the same laws, which accomplishes absolutely NOTHING.

Declare Islam a religion of terror and profile the living crap out of muslims 24/7 and make every one of them and their mosques and stores and any other place they habituate subject to unannounced search at any time. Encourage them to spy on their fellow muslims with an incentive program. Deport them for low-level misdemeanors, such as parking tickets. Make America a bad place for muslims to hang out.

The largest oil shale reserves in the world are in the United States. 3.3 Trillion tons of oil shale that can yield an estimated 1.5 trillion barrels of oil - or more than five times the stated reserves of Saudi Arabia.

Shell Oil has developed environmentally safe and economically viable techniques for "mining" the oil in situ. We no longer need the Saudi terrorist bastards and their oil, we don't need the Iraq oil, Irans oil, none of them. We have oil for the ages. What we do need is a White House that isn't having sex with Halliburton.

Instead of all these incursions into foreign countries and the counter incursions going on into ours, we should just shut the gates and deal with our internal needs internally. We have everything we need to do this except the willingness of our electees. We can change that.



Rastaman, are you looking for another Fatwa or are you running for President? Who will your running mate be? You might be surprised how many Americans would agree with your platform.

tom the gringo

How long before Muslim pilots do the same???

tom the gringo

ooops put in wrong article

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