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August 21, 2007



Great article. I have to agree that it is only a distraction for the dems to have more 'investigations' to satisfy the nuts over at moveon.org. Oh well. We all know that tenet should have been canned...


I can not believe it already 6 years..........sigh.

Yankee Doodle

"It's good to keep these two statements in mind when reading the report."

There's a great deal of stuff that our intelligence agencies do right, and we won't and shouldn't hear about it.

What we hear about 9/11 from our government stinks, though. They're not telling the truth, nor are the powers-that-be making a sincere effort to do so.

Ralph E.

Snake Hunters Sez,

Momentarily Ignore Our Informative S/H blog; go directly to >>>


Or, tap 'Uncle Sam Sez' Link



Ralph E., that's an excellent site. Everybody should read it now.

Yankee Doodle, that's correct. I wanted to stress those two statements, so folks won't read too much negativity into the report. Of course Lefties will jump on it.

Angel, you are so right, it seems like last year, doesn't it?

Rosemary: Excellent point. There were many mistakes made PRIOR to Bush.

gabriel christou

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