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August 16, 2007



I tuned in as I usually do and heard her voice before I saw her face on screen. My first thought was, well, the hair and makeup people spent some time on her. I think she's obsessed lately with appearance. She said she had to work hard to get in shape for the cover of her book trying to look like Ann Coulter. I just wish she'd change that voice of hers. It drives me crazy.


dang I could use a facelift myself girl..haha:)

Thomas Hamilton

Listening to Susan Estrich kinda reminds me of the sound made by a pregnant cat being slung round and round by it's tail.

I think this is probably due to a biochemical reaction in the larynx fueled by years of spewing liberal balderdash.


The Grouch at Right Truth


Ms. Estrich is on Fox tonight and she definitely has had a face-lift.

Too bad her mind is still slagging and stupid...


Butch, I knew it. No amount of makeup could do that much good. She's trying to be the Liberal Ann Coulter, even look like her. Never happen.

Always On Watch

I saw that particular installment of the show and knew immediately that she'd had surgery. Too bad that she can't have some plastic surgery for her voice. I did note, however, that she was trying to control her voice so as to make it less like that of Carol Channing's.


Always On Watch: I noticed that also, she tried her best to keep her voice down, keep the screech out of it. No luck on that. Can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Isn't that the old saying???


While I disagree with Susan Estrich, I like her and think she is decent and polite. Ann Coulter is smart, with a sharp, if mean, wit, but she really belongs on Jay Leno vs. news shows.


A person's appearance should be irrelevant in politics. Having said that... am I the only one that thinks she is a transgender? The voice and over-dramatic hand gestures are a dead giveaway - not that there's anything wrong with that...

Sharon Holton

Susan's look is now sublime but that voice is still like fingernails on a blackboard. Poor girl!

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