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August 03, 2007



If they are pedophiles they are receiving just punishment.
But the real thing is that the United States needs to look at relations with many countries including Saudi Arabia and Israel. Saudi Arabia treats their own people in much the same way as those pictured above. Israel treats Palestinians in much the same way also, if not worse. Both Saudi Arabia and Israel need to be probed for crimes against humanity.
Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties
as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4056


Israel does NOT treat the Palestinians the same way as the pictures. Ted, what kool-aide are you drinking?

Roger W. Gardner

R.J.Godlewski --
Thank you for your moving and thoughtful article. There are so many ruthless regimes, so many brutal dictatorships who despise us here in America that sometimes I feel that we are almost completely alone in this world -- not powerless, but nonetheless alone.
We are a civilized nation -- which means, among other things, that we are vulnerable to that debilitating disease of introspection. If there's something wrong in this world, it's more than likely to some degree, or in some way our fault.
But as your excellent article points out, there truly is evil in this world, evil for which we cannot be held accountable.
I will definetly give more thought to my future purchases.
Keep up the good work.
Best wishes,
Roger W. Gardner
Newburyport, MA

Ralph E.


The author speaks with the
authority of Truth. We should take a look in
the mirror. Examine the major retailer that
offers 50% Off and Sale! Buy one, get one FREE!

I had a retail furniture store for 15 years, never
once had a "Sale".
I stocked quality hardwoods,
the competition sold them Partical Board...we had
Sofa & Chairs w/Hand-tied Springs & Quality Fabrics.

Free & Sale are Four-Letter Words! There's a sucker born
every minute, and two to take 'em. Who Do You Trust?



Gross! That the soldiers would commit those murders of young girls willingly says a lot about how either brainwashed or, more likely, afraid to say No, they are.

I remember when Richard Nixon was lauded for "opening China to the West" and thinking at the time that we'd just invited Hell to breakfast. I was very unfortunately right. COMMUNIST China is Communist! Not democratic, not caring about individual rights. In Communism, the people are the property of the state. It's slavery, outright. We should never have begun doing business with them in the first place but the greed of our politicians and corporations is boundless.

I've been looking at labels for some time now and putting Chinese junky crap back on the shelves. With the latest about lead paint on toys, maybe the manufacturers will stop ordering up Chinese trash and start putting our honest businesses back to work. It would sure give all those illegal aliens something to do besides rape teenage girls and sell drugs.

Ted, exactly where did you get that bogus information about the Israelis? The reality is that while the Palestinians happily torture wounded Jews to death, the Jews tend wounded Palestinians in their hospitals, yes including the ones who try to kill Israelis. The Jews are decent people, the Arabs are a horde of stone-age maniacs. Come on!


Yankee Doodle

Islam and Communist China -- two of the most important issues that will face us in the Twenty-First Centurty.


Having made the initial post I am taken aback by the eloquence of this post.

My Thanks


Thanks everybody. I've forwarded your comments to Mr. Godlewski. He's truly a great writer, has written several books, internet articles, and one you might be interested in reading:

"Integrated Technical Warfare"


Book review here:


Check out his home page here:



Hi Debbie,

Great work. I answered you over at my site as to how was handling all those sites. Apparently not too well! lol.

You already have pinged my site, also. Just so you know. Now it's time for me to ask you. Where do you get the time to find all of this info? ;)


Rosemary: I have great readers, who are nice enough to email me tips and links to stories. I am also blessed with several real 'authors and writers', who are kind enough to write original material for 'Right Truth Exclusives'. So I'm very thankful.

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