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January 28, 2008



I will keep this poor woman in my prayers and hope for the best.

PFFFFFFFFFFT! Religion of peace and they have the gall to say they will not hurt women, children or the elderly.

Some lying religion of peace that is. I wonder how Bush will handle it since he luvs the muzzie's so much after all he's the fool that coined the "religion of peace!" Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.....


Mighty fertile blogging these days, between the all the political crapla and unrest all over the place.

This post has a lot of meat in it and the bit about a new Bush push in Afghanistan particularly grabs me. It would be good to dig into in depth. I think I'll check it out and maybe do a post on it. With due credits of course.

I'm really looking more and more at Ron Paul as being the best of the entire lot. It's not just that he says so much of the right stuff but also that he doesn't seem to be locked into his own opinions or is a pawn of the corporations.

I'm still looking. No rush.



I heard about her a couple of days ago and the scary part is how difficult it will be to rescue her. If she is still alive. She's been there for several years so I don't know if that works in her favor or not.

Yankee Doodle

The Taliban got their start near Kandahar. That is still one of their strongest areas.

The history lesson about the Barbary Coast and the slaving -- which continues to this day! -- is very important. In addition to trafficking Africans, which they have done for centuries now, the Arabs are getting back into buying and selling women from Eastern Europe. Of course, infidel women from the Philippines and other East Asian areas fill the harems there, as well.

Mohammed has given his servants permission to rape as many women as they can get their hands on.

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