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January 03, 2008


Grouch at Right Truth

Man, what a crock of camel dung.

Ruger Heat

Well....do you ever wonder how God would feel about we Christians if we were half as "enthusiastic" as Muslims are, in reference to our religion?

I see people everywhere trying to shut Christians down...as if it is something that we are supposed to be ashamed of.

I will paraphrase:

"If you are ashamed of ME, then I will be ashamed of you before MY FATHER"....now it isn't word for word..but it boils down to that.

How can we stop this? How about praying over our dinner in a restaurant? Letting others see our example: "See...they are doing it...they don't care if people are watching...they pray anyway...so we can do it". Then you have just help give someone the confidence to pray to God in PUBLIC. It starts a fire.....slowly...but surely.


ahhhh, our pesky leftist evangelical brethren - what WILL we do with them?

nothing. i leave it up to the G-d of abraham.

when they hear the words, "I never knew you." they will know.

sidenote - debbie, did you see that bill koenig is going to israel with the potus next week? G-d help u.s. all after the events of next week. amen.


ruger heat is spot on!

we pray in public and our children have grace over their school meals - if we're ashamed of Him...

and i like your new "grouch". i have an affinity for crotchety people.


They ain't the only Dhimmis! The Ulema's letter's home page contains several moronic responses from other alleged Christian theologians.

This is a clear case of the Charlie Brown Syndrome. Lucy will always snatch the ball away, he'll always land with his head on a stone, and he'll never learn.


There are those (The Evangelical Lutheran Church for example)who believe Islam and Christianity to be so close to Islam that it is possible to be of both "faiths". Then there s the Episcopal priest who is a practicing Muslim in Seattle, that seems to work.

Eight weeks or so ago I attended an Anti-Israel hate-fest in Boston MA. Leaders of many traditional denominations joined hands with the Muslims to denounce the Jews and Israel.......they even managed to spend several hours on a Saturday morning promoting hatred of the Evangelicals!

There certainly is hope for a future built on peace, love, understanding, and Jew-hatred!



Islam on Friday, Christianity on Sunday.

Until the Muzzies take over.

David M

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the - Web Reconnaissance for 01/04/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day...so check back often.


Thanks for the comments everyone and the link to the images, very interesting.

The "grouch" at Right Truth is actually hubby. He has a way with words.

I will follow this story and see how disgusting the 'evangelicals' can get. God help us all.

Faultline USA

Excellent article. You got my RCP today. Thanks for the note on the CALH group. Why not submit it to the Christians Against Leftist Heresy blog?



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