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January 16, 2008




I don't expect that the truth matters to you but could you pinpoint where exactly those issues you raise are...i can't seem to be able to find them


Excellent, I am returning to RCP to vote for it. I just posted some critical questions for Senator Obama, questions the msm does not have the balls to propound.


Ah, the old Swiftboats are a-coming. Interesting stuff here, blogmeister, but many might laugh at the fact that you actually believe the load you have presented to the reader.


"I suggest a number 3. That Barack Obama is a media darling..."

As i said elsewhere, they won't expose him for what he is, same goes for any left-leaning candidate, they'll only expose them when pushed and they have no choice. So Odinga is a leftist ey, i guess that's why they are not only yearning for democracy in Pakistan.


I visited your site, Muckrake. You aren't the rake, you aren't the man, you ARE the muck, a far left loon site.


IM: If you will notice, I plainly state that I am quoting Investors Business Daily, and if you clicked on the other links provided you would find articles by Daniel Pipes and others. Where they got their facts I do not know. The links you leave here are interesting and make Odinga sound like a lovely man.

Ben: I don't think this was posted at RCP. My bad.

David and MK: Thanks to both of you.

Faultline USA

Excellent article about Barack Hussein Obama. It would behoove us all to remember that family ties do matter and it is altogether appropriate to include the full name when writing about any presidential candidate. May I cross-post it?


Debbie, I never thought I'd say this, but I now believe Obama is as bad as Hillary. They're two peas in a pod. Just because he seems more likable, doesn't make him any less rotten to the core.
And yes, he is a media darling. I guess they are pretty strapped for decent candidates on their side of the fence.

Cleophaus Achollah

This article can only be believed by fools and myopic individuals. The intentions of the author of this article is questionable, as for now I think this author is jealous of the man almost every black man in the world admire. Sen. Barack Obama is not a muslim as the author wrote, and if he is a muslim what is the problem with that, the author has just indicated that s/he is religiocentric.

People like the author of this article can cause alot of problems when they start baseless propagandas like these.

Agwambo Raila Amolo Odinga as the author potrays him is actually the opposite of what owad gi Akinyi(Raila) is. Raila has been the engine of kenyan Politics and it is important to remember that even the incumbet president Mwai Kibaki clinched to the power through the effort of Raila Odinga.

The author of this article has done a good job by proving that s/he is full of ethnic chauvinism and ethnocentric and a hater, nice try, but you should remember that nobody will follow your unrealistic claims.


it is hard to believe a man running to be our president is this man. I to have done the research. I'm so surprised that the news is not covering this? Why?


it is hard to believe a man running to be our president is this man. I to have done the research. I'm so surprised that the news is not covering this? Why?


For the people who do not believe what is posted here, start doing the research and you will see this is all true.
What I don't understand is why in the hell is this not on the news? It is all true go to his church site first, they do not allow white people! start typing even anti-christ, look what comes up!


PJ: Thank you for your comments. The media won't print this because they are liberals, progressives, they are behind Obama. They are they hate America crowd. It will NEVER be published in the left-wing media.

Keep up the good work, spread the news. Come back and read other articles here. I try to keep up to date.

Cleophaus Achollah

This article is from Sen. Barack Obama haters. It is importnat to realise that if Sen. Obama has evil intention as US president, the US people would have detected this way long than you(author).

By linking Raila to Obama and then Muslim show how chauvinist you are and that does not depict the reality on the field. I implore people like the author of this article to cease from making these false allegation especially to Sen. Obama who has clinched where no black blood in US has ever reached.

Let's support the people's champ: Barack Obama and Raila Odinga. Only God can judge, the author wants us to believe that Mwai Kibaki is a saint and Raila Odinga and Sen Obama are the demons. This cannot work in elite world where tangible materials are available to look. These are propagandas from Obama and Odinga haters.

Grouch at Right Truth

"This article is from Sen. Barack Obama haters."

Wrong. We don't hate Obama. Just his politics and his ambitions.

"It is importnat to realise that if Sen. Obama has evil intention as US president, the US people would have detected this way long than you(author)."

Wrong! It is obvious that MANY MANY MANY people out there are easily duped by Obama with his empty promise of hope and change.

"By linking Raila to Obama and then Muslim show how chauvinist you are and that does not depict the reality on the field. "

Wrong! Obama is a Muslim, pure and simple. Muslims are enemies of the United States, pure and simple. They must be defeated, pure and simple.

"Let's support the people's champ: Barack Obama"

Cleophaus Achollah is one of the following:

1. One of those easily duped by Obama.

2. A Muslim.

If number 2 then one of those easily duped by Mo the Pedophile.

Damn this is easy, just like shooting fish in a barrel.

Cleophaus Achollah

This is a campaign article. This can really convince gullible people to change their mind about Sen. Barack Obama.

I wonder what are the qualification of this author, If CIA and FBI have not figured out that Obama is an extremist Muslim then I doubt your claim.

Some claim that Obama is an antichrist, well almost every famous person is called an antichrist, for instance go to google and type: Bush+antichrist, prince willian+antichrist, prince william+prince harry+antichrist, John Kerry+antichrist, bill clinton+antichrist. You will note that people claim that all these world figures are antichrist, therefore Obama is not an exception to their attack.

I still believe Sen. Barack Hussein Obama is the man to be the president of Unites States.


It's sad how gullible people are when race and religion is involved. These propagandists are hijacking Christianity and making it into a political tool.

Obama's not a Muslim, and there would be nothing wrong with it if he was.

He's not a messiah, either, and he's not going to single-handedly save the world, but he's a much better, more experienced candidate than McCain. I'd be very happy to see him as President of the United States.


What a pathetically deluded article.

Firstly, i'm not American, i'm british.

Thirdly, not that I trust the CIA, or ANY american intelligence..However, I DO trust the MI-5 agency of Britain, and be sure, if any of this was true, he'd have been assasinated by now.

The VERY easy question for any person who even THINKS about believing this total garbage, is that the author is against all the special forces agencies in the world that are allied with America...Yes, this ONE person has more information and evidence than ALL the government agencies around the world...

Yes, of course you do...Next you'll tell me all the people in the special agencies are "in on it"...

You are unfathomably stupid sir.


First of all, there is a Kenyan Birth Certificate for Obama and it has been submitted as evidence to Judge David O. Carter in California, complete with an affidavit from Lucas Smith, the man who obtained it in Mombassa.

Second, there was a supporting document released yesterday (October 21, 2009) with signatures from Obama's maternal grandmother, which clearly states "Birthplace: Kenya; Registered Honolulu. HRS 338-17.8 per Grandmother".


(Scroll down and click on image of the COLB application to see it full size.)

It seems that both of his grandmothers, maternal and paternal, refused to lie on his behalf.

“Audacity of Hypocrisy” does not even begin to cover this greatest of all frauds! Barack Obama's days in power are numbered. Hopefully he and his administration will not be able to do more harm to this nation than they already have.

Hollywood and the Mainstream Media will never recover the people's trust after this.



Thanks for that information and link. People out here are waiting anxiously, hoping for some sanity, for someone to force a decision.

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