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February 28, 2008



No it doesnt need context or anything else..Heaven help us all Debbie!


Debbie, I wish I were as optimistic to believe that Obama won't win against McCain.
However, even McCain is no Conservative either. I think this time round, once Fred Thompson was gone, there really weren't too many other decent candidates. Meanwhile the Dems have had Obama who has a messianic following and Hillary for the nostalgic. Someone for everyone. The odds were stacked against us from the start.

Roger W. Gardner

"Heaven help us all Debbie!"
My sentiments exactly, Aurora.
This is one of the scariest moments for our country that I can remember.


I just don't know about him. Even if I exclude any concern about his background, I don't have any substance to use to measure him.


It is a precarious time in American history and politics, no doubt. What the voters do this time, will decide the future of America...or potentially sound the death knell of her.

Sure hope the voters are paying attention.

TX CHL Instructor

Obama makes McCain look like a Conservative. Hell, he makes Monica's Boyfriend's wife look like a Conservative.

The man is a Socialist.


I do not buy the " he is muslim so lets not vote him into office deal" however from an outsiders point of view one has to think what would voters be voting Obama in on? as he does not seem to have a lot of experience in politics.

Still he seems to have quite a following, strange is it not?


Is my latest blast on the subject. The name says it all. Barack is the Muslim equivalent of Baruch.

Hussein was the famous martyred grandson of Moe. It's a Muslim honorific. Who but a Muslim would tag his son with it?

He is a Socialist. He favors the 'road map' and he wants to turn Iraq over to the enemy to use as a base for further attacks. What more do we need to make our decision?

Dump McCain and get us a n articulate, passionate Conservative who will take Hussein head on!!!


I have read "The Audacity of Hope" and couldn't recall ever having read this quote that you are attributing to Senator Obama.

After reading your blog entry, I took the book off the bookshelf, and have just spent the last hour skimming the book, looking for this quote - to no avail.

If he did indeed make this quote, I would like to examine its context before passing any form of judgment. Would you be so kind as to provide an accurate reference to the quote - page number and chapter?

Best regards,



I'd like to add a quick point to clear up any misconceptions with regards to Ted Belman's blog.

The designation "Arab" refers to an ethnicity, and not a religion, originating from Northern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Kenya is located in Sub-Saharan Africa, or more specifically, Tropical Africa, and is comprised of numerous tribal ethnic groups. The number of people of Arab ethnicity does not even equal 1% of the population, and is approximately equal to those of European ethnicity living in the country.

Even if an established legal ethnic status were to exist in the USA, it would simply be incorrect to qualify Senator Obama as an "Arab-American".




Mark: Thank you for that distinction.

Roger, Aurora, Angel: Thanks, I miss Fred too. I still have his sticker on my car. I really need to remove it.

Jack, Skunkfeathers: I agree.

TX CHL Instructor: Thanks for that, I needed a laugh.

Faisal.K: The following Obama has is amazing. There is no explanation for it, since he really has no experience. I don't get it.

Ben: Very interesting. I'm headed over to read your article. I wish we could dump McCain. There is always talk of another political party, Conservatives would love that. But we wouldn't stand a chance.

Ronald G. Ross

I have also been searching the book, the Audacity of Hope, for the quote that is attributed to being there.

I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."

Can someone on this blog share that information? It is all over the Internet, yet, the page number is not being revealed.


I have contacted Israpundit, who I quoted above about Obama's comment. When I get the page number I will post it here. I should have requested that before I posted.


That rumor has been circulating the internet for a while now. The fact that people accept it as true without checking its validity is extremely destructive to our democracy. The quote is wrong. What you're posting is a lie.

The actual quote from the book is from page 261 and is as follows:

"Of course, not all my conversations in immigrant communities follow this easy pattern. In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country has a dark underbelly; they need specific reassurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."

Robert Griffin


monique alponte

Hillary will win PA and then Indidana, and it will be all over for Obama after that.

And I am NOT a Hillary supporter. It's just so obvious that Obama is a flash in the pan, a novelty item.

He is the one that is going to pull out of the race, mark my words.

A little bit confused

I'm not quite sure if I understand you people's viewpoint. To me, the context of Obama's quote seems to refute the negative meaning some ascribe to it. "Look," people say, "He says he'll side with Muslims instead of america!!" Well, no, he wasn't saying he'd side with Islam in Islam vs. America or even in Islam vs. Christianity. What he said was he would stand up for AMERICAN Muslims if the general population should turn against them. If, for example, we decided we needed to lock all Muslims/Arabs up in camps to protect ourselves from enemies...like we did once to the Japanese. That's all Obama is saying, is that he'll stand for human rights.
Yet even after seeing the context, most of the posters here seem convinced Barak is an Islamofascist who wants to destroy america. I'm confused.

A little less confused

Oh, I was looking at the comments backwards. The oldest ones are on the bottom. Good.


Much of this invective about "Obama is a closet Muslim" , along with the highly selective quotes taken out of context are copied nearly verbatim from individuals working for or associated with JTF.org. In fact, this is probably where Israpundit also got the info posted here.

Not only that, I'm willing to bet that this person is definitely a major figure in the Jewish Task Force, a neo-Kahanist organization that has been openly condemned as a racist organization by the ADL and Simon Wiesenthal Center.

The founder, Victor Vancier aka "Chaim Ben Pesach", was formerly a member of the Jewish Defense League, the organization founded by the late terrorist Meir Kahane. It may very well be that the alias "Cyberella", "patriot08" among others posting this saem stuff word for word on boards across the country is likely none other than Victor Vancier aka "Chaim Ben Pesach". This man is a convicted terrorist! In 1987, he was sentenced to 10 years in Federal prison for taking part in a series of ''terrorist bombings'' in the New York area since 1984.

Why form your opinion about Obama based on the words from a convicted terrorist?

Here is a list of the fabricated and/or grossly out of context Obama "quotes" (Hat tip to "McSweeny").

Alleged quote:

"The person who made me proudest of all, though, was [half brother] Roy...He converted to Islam."

Real quote and/or context of quote:

"The person who made me proudest of all, though, was Roy. Actually, now we call him Abongo, his Luo name, for two years ago he decided to reassert his African heritage. He converted to Islam, and has sworn off pork and tobacco and alcohol. He still works at his accounting firm, but talks about moving back to Kenya once he has enough money. In fact, when we saw each other...he was building a hut for himself and his mother...in accordance with Luo tradition."

>>>An honest conversation about race begins with just that: HONESTY. The paraphrased quote implies Obama is happy for his half-brother because he converted to Islam, which is of course a lie. When Obama first meets his half-brother, Roy is an obese, hard-drinking man whose life is in a downward spiral. Obama is proud of his brother for turning his life around, as we all would be.


Alleged quote:

"In Indonesia, I had spent two years at a Muslim school...I studied the Koran..."

Real quote and/or context of quote:

"In Indonesia, I had spent to years at a Muslim school, two years at a Catholic school. In the Muslim school, the teacher wrote to tell my mother that I made faces during Koranic studies. My mother wasn't overly concerned. 'Be respectful,' she'd said. In the Catholic school, when it came time to pray, I would pretend to close my eyes, then peek around the room. Nothing happened. No angels descended. Just a parched old nun and thirty brown children, muttering words. Sometimes the nun would catch me, and her stern look would force my lids back shut."

>>>This paraphrased quote is not just misleading, it's deceitful. You're obviously implying that Obama was indoctrinated into the Muslim faith as a little boy. But the full quote, taken in context, depicts nothing more than your average precocious kid bored silly in religion class.


Alleged quote:

"Lolo (Obama's step father) followed a brand of Islam ...."I looked to Lolo for guidance".

"Real quote and/or context of quote:

"Like many Indonesians, Lolo followed a brand of Islam that could make room for remnants of more ancient animist and Hindu faiths...[two paragraphs later]The world was violent, I was learning, unpredictable and often cruel. My grandparents knew nothing about such a world, I decided; there was no point in disturbing them with questions they couldn't answer. Sometimes, when my mother came home from work, I would tell her the things I had seen or heard, and she would stroke my forehead, listening intently, trying her best to explain what she could, and I always appreciated the attention--her voice, the touch of her hand, defined all that was secure. But her knowledge of [Indonesian] floods and exorcisms and cockfights left much to be desired. Everything was as new to her as it was to me, and I would leave such conversations feeling that my questions had only given her unnecessary cause for concern. So it was to Lolo I turned for guidance and instruction."

>>>It's becoming painfully obvious you haven't read a single word of Obama's books. The paraphrased quote would have you believe that Obama looks to this stern Muslim as his mentor, when in the full, contextual quote, NOTHING like that is said or inferred. Obama mentions offhand that his stepfather is Muslim--even better, that he adheres to an ecumenical brand of Islam. What follows after that is a full page of text and two expository paragraphs on Indonesian life, and then Obama says he turns to his stepfather for guidance about Indonesian customs and history because his grandparents and mother are relatively clueless.


Alleged quote:

"I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."

Real quote and/or context of quote:

"In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."

>>>This is truly a thing of beauty here. Obama creates this carefully nuanced portrait of Arab and Pakistani Americans unlawfully imprisoned in post-9/11 America, and he vows to defend their freedoms as Americans. And what does the paraphrased "quote" imply? That come the next Holy War, Obama is joining the Jihadists.


Alleged quote:

"I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites."

Real quote and/or context of quote:

"[We] know too much, we have all seen too much, to take my parents' brief union--a black man and white woman, an African and an American--at face value. As a result, some people have a hard time taking me at face value. When people who don't know me well, black or white, discover my background (and it usually is a discovery, for I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites), I see the split-second adjustments they have to make, the searching of my eyes for some tell-tale sign. They no longer know who I am. Privately, they guess at my troubled heart, I suppose--the mixed blood, the divided soul, the ghostly image of the tragic mulatto trapped between two worlds. And if I were to explain that no, the tragedy is not mine, or at least not mine alone, it is yours, daughter of Plymouth Rock and Ellis Island, it is yours, children of Africa, it's on the nightly news for all to see, and that if we could acknowledge at least that much then the tragic cycle begins to break down...well, I suspect that I sound incurably naive, wedded to lost hopes....Or worse, I sound like I'm trying to hide from myself."

>>>Wow, stunning editorial journalism here. A sprawling paragraph about a young man's inner conflict with his multi-racial heritage, and the paraphrased quote dispenses with the parenthetical reference, and devoid of context, morphs into the rough equivalent of, "KILL, WHITEY!"


Alleged quote:

"never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn't speak to my own. It was into my father's image, the black man, son of Africa, that I'd packed all the attributes I sought in myself..."

Real quote and/or context of quote:

"Yes, I'd seen weaknesses in other men--[my grandfather] and his disappointments, [my stepfather] and his compromise. But these men had become object lessons for me, men I might love but never emulate, white men and brown men whose fates didn't speak to my own. It was into my father's image, the black man, the son of Africa, that I'd packed all the attributes I sought in myself, the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela. And if later I saw that the black men I knew...fell short of such lofty standards; if I had learned to respect these men for the struggles they went through, recognizing them as my own--my father's voice had nevertheless remained untainted, inspiring, rebuking, granting or withholding approval. You don not work hard enough, Barry. You must help in your people's struggle. Wake up, black man!

"Now, as I sat in the glow of a single light bulb, rocking slightly on a hard-backed chair, that image had suddenly vanished. Replaced by...what? A bitter drunk? An abusive husband? A defeated, lonely bureaucrat? To think that all my life I had been wrestling with nothing more than a ghost! For a moment I felt giddy...The king is overthrown, I thought. The emerald curtain is pulled aside. The rabble of my head is free to run riot; I can do what I damn well please. For what man, if not my own father, has the power to tell me otherwise? What I do, it seems, I won't do much worse than he did."

>>>I barely know where to begin with this one. Here we have Obama wrestling with the legacy of his dead father, and with how much he had WRONGLY invested himself in the myth of his father and by extension the myth of his racial heritage. And what does the altered quote suggest? BLACK POWER! BLACK POWER!

Joe B

Saying it's a lie about Obama being proud of his brother for converting to Islam is a LIE itself; notice the paragraph of Obamas, he said he was proud of ALL he had done, including the ISLAM conversion.
You should read more clearly.


There is an old adage that we would be wise to consider..."were their is smoke there is fire".There is a lot of smoke in the Obama camp. Another adage is if it looks like a uck and it walks like a duck then it probably is a duck.

Helen Nuss

All of this sympathy towards this "victim" of racism is appalling seeing that he has had the opportunity to run for president of the most powerful country in the world!
When he stated that his sympathy would be with the immigrants, who are mainly Muslims now, "if the political winds shift in an ugly direction he would stand by them" is frightening to say the least.
He is a racist and a threat to the U.S. in any form of political leadership ,considering that the U.S. has allowed thousands of his "own" people a home plus the thousands of illegals.
He has made it very clear where his loyalty is and it is NOT with Americans.
Unbelievable for a man who will not debate, has achieved little if nothing in his political career other than his ability to impress listeners with his vacuous speeches rather than state factual policies he would impliment thus allowing Americans to really know what he's referring to as "change".


I have heard all I'm going to listen to about this Obama guy. Somebody with a Muslim name like this is not even going to get my vote in this country and certainly does not belong running the US. Send this guy back to the Arab states where he belongs!


Wow... reading the comments brings a great sense of shame that our great, inclusive country has devolved into this writhing mass of hysterical racism. I am deeply disappointed by what I see, and I hope for the sake of my country that this represents the views of a few self-selected sociopaths, rather than the majority, but I despair that my hopes are in vain.


I believe we won the war of defense against the Japanese attacks and we used isolation camps as part of the winning stategy. Today we are still under attack and there are no Muslim isolation camps. Perhaps we should just put a bullet through our heads now and save ourselves from the decades of bloody misery and insanity we have in store, due to our moderates and liberals and their illogical and suicidal "compassion".


Greg: I'm with you. The longer this goes on the more worried I get. I don't think Washington sees the same threat they did in WWII


The bottom line is that Obama is a Marxist

Charly Gardel

The corrected quote (not the false one, but the one that Obama actually wrote in his book) is essentially the exact same position that George W. Bush announced just after the 9/11 attacks. So, I guess my question for many of the posters here is this: Why do you not support our president on not scapegoating Arab Americans and Pakistani Americans?

Mary Chamberlain

It is true that no current political candidate of either party will represent people (legal Americans) who go to work every day and take good care of their families.


We have a great example at ImpeachBushNow.....


As for his comments, even taken IN context, people will find offense, IF THEY ARE LOOKING FOR IT.
I see that more people would vote for Obama over Billary, simply because we already had enough of the Clintons and what comes with them. (Hillary just wants her "fun in the Oval Office"??? What? does SHE get to pick which brand of Cigar?)
Either way, from everyone I have known and met over my 40+ years roaming this country, McCain will unfortunately be our next president. I sincerely believe the majority of this country is not ready to see anything other than a caucasian male as President. So it really doesnt matter who wins on the jackass side. I just wish the Elephants could have come up with a much better candidate.
Maybe time to move Libertarian..... Do they have anyone but half-wits running yet?


has anybody seen the picture of obama not putting his hand on his heart during the pledge? its a disgrace. if he isnt patriotic to America, why IS he running for president?


Isabel: Yes we are aware of that picture. Obama is a very disturbing prospect for President of the United States. And think about him in charge of our military. What a shame. I pray he does not get elected.

Kei Narimatsu

I ask that Mr Obama not use Japanese-Americans during WWII as a “right” lesson under these circumstances. There were no acts of treason and no acts of aggression from people of Japanese decent either citizens or not during the war. There was a lot of disappointment and some outrage but these folks, rightly or wrongly stood by America and were thus shepherded into internment/concentration camps for the duration of the war. No such outrage has been inflicted on Arab or Muslim populations today. Likewise little or no outrage is seen from this community about the terrorism exhibited in the name of Islam. There is a difference, Mr Obama and I would hope that as a candidate for President of these United States, that you might just recognize this.

Kei Narimatsu

Ron Spiess

We are a nation doomed by the ignorance we encourage. Our educational system no longer encourages the achiever but is geared for the lowest performer. We discourage excellence by passing students who can't even read and write the English language!! Now these people are voting and breeding. They will become the new majority and guess who they will be voting for? The candidate who promises to "take care of all their needs" by taxing the shrinking productive segment of our country into submission. Witness how our country has gone backwards under the miserable performance of the Democrat Representatives elected in 2006. This also explains the disastrous candidates we now have for President of the USA. Since there doesn't appear to be any sign of correcting this situation, I suggest we kiss this way of life (FREEDOM) good bye and start shopping for a Burka or Turban.


Ron Spiess:

Thanks for that comment. I agree. It's a very sad situation for the United States, and many of us feel helpless to stop it.

no Compromises

Although, I can't stand McC he can beat Obama, no problem, because there is so much to expose Obama on.

If McC loses then he snatched defeat out of the jaws of success.

Most of America would be appalled at Obama's racism, muslim appeasment, and how the taxes on every family will be sky high during the first year of his "presidency." All McC has to do is take Obama's OWN WORDS and expose it to the voters.

We'll all see how McCain handles this Utopian Marxist Obama.

John Seymore

Yeah that's crazy. it's almost like he respects other human beings and follows the true tenets of Christianity. Unlike the false prophets on this site.

Please don't be concerned when you see Christians disappear (real ones) and you are left behind with Bush, and the others. because we all know God favors certain races, and we're all equal just some of us are more equal than others!

Yeee Hawww, get 'er done!

John Seymore

Actually, Ron spiess. Republicans try to underfund education so that they limit people who think for themselves. It's their own way of keeping themselves in power. Democrats would prefer much more money spent on education (what you guys mistakenly call welfare).

The welfare in Iraq is far more expensive than any social program we've done in recent history. The amount welfare sent to corporations there is just staggering. And we're going to be there e100 years! Yee haw!

Let's go burn a cross in front of a black guys house! Yeee haw!! Come on guys that's how Republicans get'er done!!

John Seymore

Spiess, you make an interesting comment about education. I agree, it is going down the tubes. The President that has been in charge of it for the last 7 years ought to be ashamed.

Wow, I'm amazed that I agree with these guys on something.

JK Hobson

My God you people are so frightened it is very sad. After 8 years of George W. Bush who was unequivocally your man and seeing his failed policies, you're shaking in your books because of a quote in a book (one that has been taken out of context by the way. Obama was simply stating that he was not going to allow people of foreign ancestry to be put in INTERNMENT CAMPS if things got out of hand politically. He never said anything specific about Muslims. I'm looking at the book which has been MISQUOTED on this site over and over.) You people claim that Obama followers need to do their homework but yet and still believe any anti-Obama rhetoric that anyone dreams up. Yes, it is a scary time for you indeed because your small minded world is dying. It's called EVOLUTION people. Get with it.


With these exposes about Barack, McCain will win.But McCain will continue the Iraq war. Hillary should run.She too will end the war. Versus McCain, Hilary will win. Pls tell Hillary to run. More delegates voted for Barack because these things about him are not yet exposed then.


""Of course, not all my conversations in immigrant communities follow this easy pattern. In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country has a dark underbelly; they need specific reassurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."


Liberals know nothing of history when they spew crap pf Republicans burning crosses on black peoples lawn. Reminder; It was Republican whites who opposed and went to war to free slaves. It was republicans who supported reconstruction in the south. The first black elected officials were republicans. It was republicans who opposed Jim Crow Laws. Republicans by the most part are the true party of equality. The Democrats on the other hand always have been and always will be the party which truly supports slavery. Only now it is in the form of socialism which is slowly making more and more dependent on their government programs. Wake up and come home black America to the party who welcomes you and does not pander to you with a seductive set of chains!!!

Beverly sydney

If America wants a true patriot for President look at Ron Paul. He has an exemplary record and is against the North American Union (which Hillary, McCain and Obama want), he is against amnesty, for deportation of ALL illegal aliens, for THE CONSTITUTION! If he's not on the ballot WRITE HIM IN!! We can take America back to it's original values. Support Ron Paul www.ronpaulrevolution.com and let everyone know that our only hope for this country i truly patriotic President. He loves America!

Old Atlantic

Good post. There is such an inversion between the MSM and the truth. What sort of president would Obama be if he was elected after openly lying on MSM TV while his lies were exposed already on the Internet?

lord hanuman

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama can now expect help from an unexpected quarter — Lord Hanuman.

All-India Congress Committee member Brij Mohan Bhama has organised a 11-day religious ceremony at Karol Bagh here for his success in the U.S. elections.

The idea of sending an idol of Hanuman dawned on him after friends in the United States mentioned a “prominent American politician who carried a miniature Hanuman idol in his pocket for luck,” Mr. Bhama said speaking on the first day of the ceremony on Tuesday.

“After hearing that, I decided to gift Mr. Obama a larger, gold-plated version along with the wishes of thousands of his supporters in this country,” said the leader struggling to lift the 15 kg, 21-inch brass idol.

The first-day ceremony, pranapratishta, or infusion of divine life into an idol, was performed by a dozen priests reciting mantras in tandem. It was attended by Democrats Abroad India chairperson Carolyn Sauvage, who spent over an hour at the venue.

The idol was later kept in the sanctum sanctorum of the Sankat Mochan Dham, where it will be kept for 10 more days. Mr. Bhama said several temples in New Delhi had already expressed an interest in keeping the idol for worship on their premises before it begins its journey across the Atlantic.

Along with the idol, a copy of Hanuman Chalisa, a compilation of hymns in praise of the Lord, would be sent.

“We will ensure that Mr. Obama receives the idol by August 24, a day before the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado,” said Mr. Bhama


lord hanuman

Obama carries "a miniature Hanuman idol in his pocket for luck." That is very interesting. Also this article is very amazing. I appreciate you sharing this information, because I had not heard this.


In response to the article which said Obama said he would stand with the Muslims, etc. Well, even if he HAD said that, which he didn't, what would the big deal have been?? The word Muslim refers to their religion. Would you have been so up in arms if he had said I will stand for the Catholics, or the Christians? I just do not understand your logic, it just seems so ignorant.


All ye like sheep! It is still incredible to me that people will believe anything and everything they read or hear from some ignorant misguided individuals. I won't tell anyone how to vote but I think you should at least do the research yourself instead of letting ignorance rule your way. Oh and yes, his comments were taken out of context (go figure) because dirty is the only way those local yolkels know how to play!

David E. Mouton

John Mccain gave more for America in his years as a POW than any other member of the US Congress. I have no doubt about his loyalty and his dedication to this country. Most of his critics do not have to guts that would allow them to lick his boots. Every one of the left's greatest criticisms of the last 8 years belie their intense support of action against Iraq and I have seen each one of them, from Mrs QAlbright to Ms Pelosi, to Mr Rockefeller, to Mr Reid and yea even Hillary and Monica's boyfriend. You support your country when you are at war. It is treason to give aid and comfort to the enemy. By the way, the mantra we are being taught to repaet viz. "Bush's failed presidency" dosen't wash everywhere. The president has the guts to stick by his guns and his policies are succeeding. America dosen't need B.O.. It will do just fine with Mr Mccain. David

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