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April 18, 2008


Grouch at Right Truth

Wonder what would have been said if the teacher had had a Koran on the desk?

What if a picture of Mohammed (aka. Mo the Pedophile) had been hanging in the Louisiana courthouse?

Any takers?


Just read an article on WND about a school that allowed students to create art featuring Buddha and demon masks for an art project, but one student who dared create a cross in his art was punished and told he would not receive a grade. Needless to say, the ADF is going after the school...but strangely not a peep out of the ACLU. Wonder why.


Great find by your hubby Debbie. I support that teacher all the way out there in Ohio. I wish more had his gutts.

I mentioned G-d at my sons school during an IEP meeting and they told me I could not use "that word" - well I will not cram up your space here but I gave them a lesson in Constitution 101 - Separation of Church and State and Jefferson's wall of separation letter that was to separate from the Church of England not a gov vs. state separation. Their jaws dropped and they all shut up. They will NEVER again tell me not to say G-d again!

Always On Watch

At my bank, all the tellers are Muslims. And each of them has a Koran at their respective station. Can you imagine the furor if I became offended and complained? Sheesh! CAIR would be all over me!

I hope that teacher in Ohio doesn't lose his job over taking a stand for his Bible. But he could, you know--in this alternate universe we find ourselves during the 21st Century.


debbie - you have GOT to see ben stein's EXPELLED - it puts so many things happening today into perspective - an amazing documentary - i've put a semi-review of it up at my place - we saw it last night.

durano lawayan

Hi Debbie,

I'm with the Teacher. He has every right to bring a bible or display it on his desk.

I think this whole thing about separation of Church and State is going too far. No one can deny the Muslims their Allah, so why deny the Christians their God? They have taken him off the Christmas list already. Layla is right, that Jefferson letter ought to be propagated.

This is getting weird. With the Pope's visit to the US, I wonder if he sees how difficult, if not impossible, it is to be a Catholic and an American at the same time. :-)--Durano, done!

Mrs. Who

I've read that the students are supporting their teacher, coming in with t-shirts that have crosses and 'I support Fresh H20' drawn on them.

We don't seem to have as much of a problem with this kind of thing in deep-South schools. I have a quote-a-day book on my desk that has quotes from John Paul II. But then, we cling to our Bibles and guns down here.


Mrs. Who: Good point about the South. I'm proud of this teacher and hope others follow suit.

We were at an event last week that began with prayer, with the pledge and the National Anthem. I told my husband to be thankful that we still lived in a part of this country where this is the norm, where we can still perform these acts of tribute to our God and our Country.

Nanc: Can't wait to see Ben Stein's movie. Thanks for the review at your place.

Grouch, I'm waiting for the Muslim outrage...

Martin: I heard about that too, very disturbing.

Layla: Good for you, what an example to your son and what a great lesson for the other parents.

Always On Watch: Oh I'm sorry for your situation. I know you are in Virginia and that makes me glad I'm not living there. Tennessee looks better and better.

Durango: I'm not Catholic (Southern Baptist), but this visit by the Pope has been an inspiration. I have enjoyed the coverage on Fox News ... the music, the attention to Christianity, to faith, it's inspiring.


This is not about seperation of church and state. It is about following poicy. Here is a copy of Mount Vernon's policy and it states that the district does not allow "devotional exercises or displays of a religious character,". The teacher also had the 10 commandments posted, Bibles stacked on a book shelf, posters with Bible verses on them and he removed or took them down. Why not just put the Bible in his desk drawer? They are not saying he can't have the Bible in the school, but it must be out of sight when class is in session...where is the debate?

Reverend Grouch

"Why not just put the Bible in his desk drawer? They are not saying he can't have the Bible in the school, but it must be out of sight when class is in session...where is the debate?"

I ask AGAIN!

What if the bible had been a Koran?


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