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April 03, 2008


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» CPUSA supports Clinton or Obama, and CardCheck from Wolf Pangloss
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I draw the line at being on the phone in the toilet, that's just wrong.

As for the kid, perhaps they were scared of being reported, none the less they should just subject everyone else to it as well. Perhaps take the screamer to the car, lock him in the car, leave the windows slightly open off course, stand a safe distance away (where it's bearable) and read a magazine or something until he's tired of screaming.


Debbie, that's quite funny. No, chatting on the phone in the toilet is just a bit too weird for me too...But to each his/her own.
Training a kid with a few well-placed whacks when they're acting crazy never hurt anyone. It's the kids growing up in the experimental era who are really messed up.


One Bourbon....

One Scotch....

One Beer....

Wait! Don't beat that kid! Some limp wristed appeaser will object!


LOL...not long ago, I used the facilities at work. In the stall next to me was some idiot yahoo, talking on his cell phone. When I'd finished and flushed, he raised his voice to ME and demanded I respect his conversation!!!

I activated the autoflusher about a half-dozen more times. Message received and understood ;)


lol...fun outing eh?..dang people are nuts arent they?!

Otto - American Interests

The toilet one made me chuckle...I was in K Mart recently and witnessed the same between a mum and her ranting son. And what did she do, spoke calmly to her 4 or so year old in adult language which the child was totally oblivious to. In other words mum did SQUAT...


Spare the rod, spoil the child. I agree with you. It worked for me. Right there in the store! And this was my Mommy! She didn't have tell me again, and no, she didn't scar me for life. lol.


Skunkfeathers: Good for you, what nerve that guy had.

The problem is, MK and others, that parents these days don't have any rights any more. Spank the kid -- get reported. Try to discipline the child other ways, -- get reported. If a stranger doesn't report you, then the KID will report his own parents. This government has taken away parental rights, and we may pay for it in the future.

Everybody has to win a prize, can't be any losers any more. Kids have the rights of adults, adults including teachers, bus drivers, etc have no rights.


That is so funny, and what's funnier is that I've experienced all of that in one way or another.

Great post.


Well you are much nicer than me. I usually tell the folks right out that if you cannot teach your kid how to behave in public either leave him or her home with a sitter or perhaps a zoo where they would fit in with the monkeys!

Shocking folks into realizing how disruptive and rude it is works. Plus, swatting on the butt helps a whole lot.

Spare the rod and spoil the child. What jerks.


My mother used to take off her house slipper and swat our behinds when we acted up at home. We never dared to do anything disruptive in public! One glare from her or my father was all it took.

And, what could possibly be so urgent that you have to use the cell phone in the bathroom? Lord help us.

Francis W. Porretto

I severed a thirty-year friendship because my former friend insisted on answering his cellphone several times during an hour lunch with me. He made at least one call during that period, too.

Portable communicators always looked so neat on Star Trek, didn't they?


Francis W. Porretto: Star Trek was way ahead of it's time. Prophetic in so many ways. Yes, I'm a huge fan. I'm still waiting for a "transporter". Wouldn't that be fun.

Thanks for sharing the laughs everybody. On to serious stuff now.


My 'rents were diabolical. They would show me a belt they always had handy before we deployed from the ride and then roll it up and stash in moma's purse.

The one time I remember acting out - they took turns driving and beating me on the way home.

Screamers are everywhere it seems. Reckon if people started calling the Police on kids who scream and then play it off to the cops like they thought something was wrong cause the kid was out of control - it might prompt mom and dad to well, be a mom and dad and do some old school corporal punishment


I guess what I really want to know is what a "little girl" was doing with a cell phone anyway. Aren't you tired of seeing these prepubesecent kids walking around with pink cell phones stuck to their ears, some of them even with bluetooth sets...clones of their parents who think nothing of driving while talking on the cell phone (DWTCP)?


Courtney, your parents sound just like my parents. I turned out OK, ha.

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