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April 29, 2008



Good piece, voted!


Here's what folks need to consider, if Obama will throw his loved ones 'under the bus', what will he do to America??

If that isn't enough to turn people off to this pandering jackass, then nothing will...


I'd wager that Nagol is actually Logan, and Kluth is in fact Bedwetter.


allahlovesporkchops: I love it, you must be right.

Susan and Texas Fred, thanks.

Grouchy Old Fart

Logan Bedwetter! Bwahahahah!
I love it!


The word that Barack Obama hid his pastor during his announcement ceremony tells us Obama knew Wright's remarks and wanted to continue Wright being his spiritual leader.

I could deal with Obama's hypocrisy if he wasn't so pious.

Faultline USA

Obama has the ability to actually make me feel sorry for him. Then my brain engages. Wait? He spent 20 years listening to that race-baiting hater??? NOT! Great article. Just voted for it.


Barry Hussein Obama-Winfrey isn't just a typical political liar and poltroon, he's a poor liar and a coward.

We watched him throw Grandma under the bus in his Pi=[hilly speech in order to explain away that ole Devil Wright's bigotry and hate; we watched him lie about "what he knew and when he knew it" and then we now see him throw his longtime mentor in manipulating folks with lies under the bus.

As the old BBS flame put it, "I would rather bathe with Hitler than be seen with" Obama.

But whatch you: the Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind will bathe him in phosphorescent glory, and cheer for his "honesty and courage" in "facing the bigotry" of those who simply point out that the would-be emperor's clothes are somewhat lacking.


The people I am most upset with are the mainstream media, for totally covering up Obama's ugly side until March, after he'd all but wrapped up the Dem nomination. There is NO WAY IN HELL Hussein would have won all those February primaries if people had known about all the skeletons in his closet. The American people were sold a bill of goods by their own self-proclaimed "watchdog." Now a whole lot of people are feeling buyer's remorse.

Mary F

Even if you're a novice political wonk, it's obvious by now that Obama is a typical, shallow, arrogant, lieing politician who will do anything to get elected. It's beyond me why Kennedy, Kerry, Richardson, etc, etc, still support him. The MSM is actually giving him suggestions on how to dig himself out of the hole he dug for himself. It's just unbelievable!


Thanks for the comments everybody. I don't see how Obama could possibly get elected, but ...

The people who support him will continue to do so no matter what happens or what comes out of the woodwork.

 fouse, gary c

"I can no more disown Rev Wright and my church than I can my own white grandmother who raised me."

"I was not present when these statements were made."

"Was I present in the pew when some of those statements that many would consider controversial were made? Yes."

"I was not present during those statements, Larry."

"I am outraged. I am saddened by the spectacle we saw yesterday."

(I am quoting these words by Barack Obama by memory, not from text. They may or may not be word for word, but I am confident that there is no distortion or taking out of context.)

Today, in the wake of Jeremiah Wright's appearances before the NAACP in Detroit and the National Press Club in Washington, Barack Obama has spoken out strongly against Wright. In reality, Obama had to do this in order to keep his viability as a candidate. No longer could he (or Wright) claim that the pastor's statements were taken out of context-or in sound bites. Both appearances have been shown in their entirety. Wright has confirmed the content of the sermons that we have witnessed.
At this point, with Wright seemingly going on a speaking tour and a book coming out in October, Obama had to speak out.

Today, Obama stated that he is saddened, outraged, and that his relationship with Wright has now changed. Wright is not the person he met 20 years ago, according to Obama. He stated that he had only seen Wright on TV last night. (I assume that means I saw the Detroit performance before he did.)

I have to say in Obama's defense that he is obviously caught in the middle of two constituencies, just as he has lived his life between two worlds-white and black. Yet, Obama cannot have it both ways as he has tried to do. He has carefully measured his responses to Wright.

Having said that, Obama, in my view, is not credible. Say what you will about Jeremiah Wright, he is consistent. For Obama to maintain that, over the course of 20 years, he had no idea that Wright held these views is disingenuous, to say the least.

At this point, Obama is literally tying himself in knots trying to maneuver his way through this morass. He had to know that his pastor had gone to Libya in 1984 with Louis Farrakhan to meet Moamar Khadafi. He knew the tenets of his churches' "Black Value System". Originally, he claimed that he had never been present when the controversial statements were made. Then he admitted in his Philadelphia speech that we was, indeed, present during some of those comments. Within days, he was on Larry King's show again denying he had been present. Contradiction? Absolutely.

In his Philadelphia speech, he tried to walk the tightrope. He disavowed the comments, but stated that he could "no more disown Rev. Wright and the church than he could disown his white grandmother"-whom he then described to America as a prejudiced person (later referred to as a "typical white person"). Now he is disowning Wright, again trying to convince the public that he had no idea what this man was really like.

Of course he knew. Twenty years ago, when he was a "community organizer" in the south side of Chicago, he joined this church because it represented a base from which he could build his career. Fair enough. But when Obama went on to become a state senator, a US Senator and now, a presidential candidate, membership in this church and association with Wright became no longer appropriate.

If Obama has only recently come to see what Wright represents, why did he dis invite him to speak at the event by which he declared for the presidency? Wright's views had recently been featured in a Rolling Stone article. Obama knew.

Obama has always known.

He has known of the damning statements made against America, the race-baiting, the links with Louis Farrakhan, the trip to Libya and on and on and on. When he was a "community organizer" (whatever that means), the church and Wright suited him just fine. But now, he needs to appeal to the entire country-not just blacks, but whites, Hispanics, Jews, and Asians. He should have seen this situation coming years ago. Yet, he didn't see it until it hit him in the face. That speaks volumes about his judgement.

As for Wright, he has added a couple of new adjectives to his personal description. Man of God? Perhaps, but he is also a self-centered, self-promoting demogogue who clearly cares little for what he is doing to his parishioner's presidential campaign. Obama can be excused for being angry. Privately, he must be boiling.

By the way, who were those menacing-looking guys flanking Rev. Wright at the National Press Club yesterday? Is it true, in fact, that Wright is being guarded by the Fruit of Islam? What does Mr Obama think about that?

And by the way, what say you, Mrs Obama-in light of your recent comments about the country? How come the mainstream news media is not asking her for comments on Wright?

And by the way, now that Obama has "disowned" Wright, I wonder if the good pastor will strike back at Obama and clarify whether Obama was, indeed present, during his fiery sermons.

From Jeremiah Wright to William Ayres to Tony Rezko, there are so many suspect associations that Obama needs to explain. He is not doing a very good job of doing that, but then again, the msm is not doing a very good job of digging into it. Why is that? They would rather not-that's why.

gary fouse


FYI Gary, Obama was at a rally after his anger and hurt... and once again called this thing over Wright 'silly'. He took narcissism to a new level.

To the emailer via RT:
P.S. Dear Kluth, since you support Obama... try reading his books. He recounted the first sermon he heard preached by the Rev., even told of taking his tapes to college with him... you should read it.

Baa out

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