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August 22, 2008



As a Jew I know who the real anti-Semites are. And it isn't the Christian community. It is the Muslims. For every time one of their "speakers" open their mouths out comes the familiar cry: "Kill the Jews!"

This is a disgrace, but it is to be expected from Barack Hussein Obama. The man who was raised as a Muslim, raised by anti-Semitic parents to hate all the Jews, worshiped at the feet of Jeremiah Wright who praised those who would finish the job that Hitler started and who married a self-centered, bigoted, bitch called Michelle.

Oh I know who my enemies are. And they aren't the Christians. Not now.

Excuse the profanity.

Maggie M. Thornton

"...society's first woman president last year, said that many American Jews have an existential fear that Muslims are anti-Israel."

This wins the understatement of the century award.

I could never figure out why he needed a Muslim co-ordinator. Does McCain have one? Has anyone in past Presidential races had one. Maybe they have....

I'm glad to see this. It's just one more reveal. I wonder when they'll announce their Zionist speaker?

I had not heard this Debbie. Good catch.

Maggie's Notebook

A.C. McCloud

Will she speak before or after the flag-burning ceremony?


you have to wonder, do the democrats just wake up every morning and say" hmm wonder what we can do for the republicans today?"

CKA in Red State USA

Yet another one-finger salute to America from the Demockacrats.

They're no longer shy about showing their contempt for our country.

Nor do they hide the most obvious fact that they have become our enemy.

What they're doing is not just in poor taste, but has the stench of sedition in it.

CKA in Red State USA

Katie, with respects, Christians have not been the enemies of the Jews.

But the enemy of both Christian and Jews has been Islam, since its inception.


CKA in Red State USA:

That's great. You have to wonder what they are thinking, with the polls so close, virtually tied.


Just think what they could do if Obama gets elected!

A.C. McCloud:

Don't give them any ideas.


No Muslim coordinator for McCain as far as I know.


Profanity excused this time, these people must have lost their minds.


Why am I not surprised by this revelation? Because Oblahblah is raking in cash from Islamofascists on the Internet.

Anything -- including selling out the Constitution -- to win for the liberals/progressives.


Quote from Ingrid Mattson:

"Right-wing Christians are very risky allies for American Jews," Mattson said, "because they [the Christians] are really anti-Semitic. They do not like Jews" and enter into the alliance on the basis of fundamentalist beliefs that it would be desirable for all Jews to return to Israel. She suggested that fundamentalist Christians might turn against Jews or that there could be backlash from ordinary Americans against Jewish and fundamentalist Christian supporters of Israel."

What a bunch of Hooey! But smart too. - Tell the Jewish people that Christians are selfish, misguided and have ulterior motives in their relationships with Jews. - "Drive a wedge in the midst of your enemies." - Which to me means this woman is an enemy to both Christians and Jews.

This does come from someone who belongs to a religion that has some members slashing throats, beheading innocent people, attacking embassies, bombing pizza parlors, and murdering their daughters and sons in the name of their god.

As a Christian I know I'm not anti-Semitic. Can't think of anyone in my church that is. I've met a few but they are few and far between and am told by a Book I trust to pray for peace in Jerusalem.

Which group is it that prays for blood to flow in the streets of Jerusalem?


Sponsored by the MSA? That's a sure giveaway!

What a disaster ... not your father's Democratic Party!

Justa Dog

This is what the New Democrat Party is all about - building up the Islamic forces while diminishing the Christian influence in society.

(as well as going after the Muslim vote)

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