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September 15, 2008



Vegetarians, repent.
Oblahblahans, repent.
ACORNians, repent.
Democrap Emailians, repent.

On second thought, stay exactly as the losers you are. You're easier to spot that way.


A well marbled, med. rare ribeye steak. MMMmmmmmm... Bigger brain. MMMmmmmm....


Vegetarian: From the paleolithic word meaning: LOUSY HUNTER!!!


Did you know that Tofu lowers the sperm count. And the mad left wonder why we keep saying that they are usually wrong about everything.

As for McCain and this email business, perhaps what grates so much with the left is knowing that all the hate emails they send to him are useless since he can't use email. It's a bit like them heading out into the desert or the woods and screaming to no one out there.

Grouch at Right Truth

I am always amused by vegetarians trying to make their case.

Structurally, Homo sapiens are omnivors (designed to eat plant and animal matter). Our teeth and intestines are designed for both.

If we were designed to eat only vegetables, our teeth would be more flat like those of horses or cows. Our guts would be 2 or three times as long as they are now.

Sorry vegetarians, that's just the way it is. If you don't like it, go argue with God or Charles Darwin.

Having said that, if you wanna eat flowers, be my guest!

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