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September 09, 2008



What a jerk!!! I suggest ALL WOMEN SEND OBAMA OUR LIPSTICK!!!!

Send him a message that we are voting for Palin. What a sexist PIG!!!

He is going to lose big among women!



You said it. I'm hearing from more and more women who were Independents, Democrats, and they are now voting for McCain - Palin.

Obama and the far Left are killing themselves.


Ernesto Ribeiro

Obama slips: "MY MUSLIM FAITH"


on ABC's "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos, which aired Sunday morning.

Obama was -- ironically -- addressing the false rumors that he is Muslim. He suggested that Republican rival John McCain was behind them, according to ABC News. Obama was reminded that McCain denied spreading the rumors.

"You're absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith," Obama said, before being corrected by Stephanopoulos.

YouTube - Obama: "My Muslim Faith"



Ernesto: Yes I posted on that. Slip of the tongue? Or honesty???


Synonyms for Obama-esque “community organizer:


Shakedown artist.

Ineffectual rabble-rouser.

Left-wing fraudsters.

They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and illegal and criminal records.

It ain’t about the black or white. It’s all about the green.
Found on the Phantom


Jim: Thanks for that link.

Yes you are correct, it's not about race at all.



Eh, I'm not sure we should get too frenzied about the lipstick comment. I have to agree with Gibbs - I've heard this saying many times before, and it generally means that you just can't hide what's underneath by putting a pretty facade on top. In the context of Obama's statement, I think he's implying that although McCain-Palin say they're for change, Obama thinks there's nothing different underneath.

If we go too crazy over this, we'll end up looking like the Kos kids, so my opinion would be to let it go and focus on substantive issues.

Just a thought...


Obama's so so so lost. It's a thing of beauty watching that SOB self distruct!


Obama's so so so lost. It's a thing of beauty watching that SOB self distruct!

Exactly what I was thinking. I guess his Obamessiah halo got a bit stuck on his giant head as it was slipping!
Give him enough rope and he's gonna hang himself...
How sweet it is!


Great job here Deb. It looks like everyone in the blogging world has written about this today.
I just hope that this story has legs and don't get swept under the rug as his other blunders have.
And as you have said, his band of MORON supporters all got up and shouted and applauded over it.
Really classy!


They’re shaken and stirred folks, let him ramble and rant, it’ll just prove to more and more Americans that he is leading the party of sneering elitists who can barely conceal their contempt for the rest of America that is, their countrymen.


When the elite left, what I like to call the "elite-erati" make so many false accusations that they become part of Britt Hume's discussion panel last night on Fox News, you know they have really stepped in the doodoo.

I have always said: "Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves." Here's your rope Obama!!!


Here is the best line ever uttered about this type of vileness:

'The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so.'

Ronald Reagan


A teleprompterless Oblahblah is a gaffe machine in overload ;) I still laugh about George Steph having to correct Oblahblah on his "Muslim faith". The media that worked so disingenuously hard to prop this clown up, will not be able to stop the self-destruct mode once it gets self-engaged. Gaffe on, Barack, gaffe on!


He can't attack her the way he attacked Hillary, and he knows it. So he is resorting to the usual smear campaign. I expect more of this type of attack as the weeks go by.

Dr. Strangelove

Just remember all your racist views when the middle east blows the shit out of us with a nuke! And what will she do? I dont know let me find something and get it to ya!

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