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September 08, 2008



What started out with good intentions has become a lifestyle.

Why work when the government will pay you not to work?


Democrats created and continue to foster an "entitlement" mentality among the poor, seeing them as a guaranteed-Democrat voting bloc that is best kept in line by being kept down (and therefore dependent on Democrat hand-outs).


Wow, that's an eyeopener. The Nanny State becomes a monster. Socialism destroys in every way. No wonder the Left are so busy pointing the finger at the Iraq war. This needs to be spread around.

Fautline USA

Great article! Frightening statistics. Sadly, Wwe have become a socialist nation.


Points out the 2 kinds of people in this world--trough fillers and trough feeders. The trough fillers put in for themselves and others, the feeders put in very little if anything but show up first to eat, and then complain about the trough fillers if the trough gets low. Teach your children 2 things: no whining, and be a trough filler.

Max Drive

"$27,000 per person. That’s $81,000 for a family of three, far greater than the poverty threshold of $15,577."

I represent one of those families of three. I cannot tell you how much it means to us to have our $81,000.00 to enable us to continue our lavish lifestyle. Unfortunately there seems to be a small discrepancy. While you have kindly earmarked $81,000 for us we only actually receive about $25,000. That is with all three of us receiving Social Security benefits. We do not qualify for Food Stamps so that doesn't explain it. Maybe it's our medical care. That might add $12,000 or so for a total of $37,000. Gee, where does the rest go? That would be $44,000.00, would it not?
If you want to see a substantial savings on entitlement programs, reform the bureaucracy that bleeds them of their resources. It is obvious that if less than half of the funding reaches the desperately needy there is something drastically wrong with the way funding is handled.


Hmm... Every 1st of the month the USPS receives SSI checks for the homeless. It is less than $900.00 per person. A family of three? No, SSI does not give a family of three 900.00 each per month.

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