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October 03, 2008



What a remarkably cogent explanation of how our nation ended up in this economic debacle. Kudos to Congresswoman Blackburn for such a display of strength and integrity. Too bad not enough of her peers followed suit.


Thank you, Marsha, for your courage in standing up for the American people and the citizens of Tennessee and the American free market system, that has never failed before.

A.C. McCloud

this video is making the rounds..


maybe this is the part Bush wasn't tellin us'..


A democratic congressman shared her frustration with the "speed" at which this bill was considered!
He remarked that the bill was loaded with pork as well !He said the bill should have ben vetted in the committe process !
What is remarkable here is the bi-partisan nature of the losing no votes !


thank you for your no vote. I do believe however your endorsement of Palin dilutes your credibility of having the interests of the American people at heart. Her inability to participate in a debate (debates have a format with questions for a reason) and her answers when she answered simple policy questions in the past were incoherent and down right scary. I can't risk voting for McCain with his age and health record.


Kudos to Congresswoman Blackburn!

Pasadena Closet Conservative

Those in Congress who voted against the bill should be celebrated for their refusal to go along just to get along. God bless them.


My rep voted no too!

Christopher Hamilton

I can't believe the bill passed.

right tripe

Here is a balanced view: fuck the cocksucker ass-wipe Republicans - they are the dipshit big business coddlers asleep at the wheel who allowed the fucking mess we see the last 2 weeks.

You call it - unregulated toxic lending bringing down the big financial institutions, Mid-East quagmire killing the sons/daughters of poor people, environmental laws strip-mined, out of control deficit dooming my kids future, stripping basic services for disabled - fuck those shithead bastards!

Fuck those butt-fuckers and the mule they rode in on! All those assholes have done for the past 8 years is squat down and take a big steaming dump of shit right on the head of the little guy.

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