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January 07, 2009



And Homeschoolers aren't programed with the PC nonsense, taught Cultural Anthropology instead of History and have a high self-esteem.

Steve Harkonnen

My wife is a (frustrated) World History I teacher for 9th grade. She's frustrated over many things, including the SOL's involved, and what is being taught.

Creativity is being removed from teachers, which translates to less of an education than what we received when we were younger.

"Homeschooling is a plus," she tells me, "but only if the parents keep active and keep up with inspiring their children to learn."

Steve Harkonnen

Exactly, Katie. Further, I see that in the Virginia SOL's that American History must teach the kids about McCarthyism - which is nothing but a liberal fabrication. Too bad liberals don't read about the Venona Decrypts which tells the truth...McCarthy was doing fine work and too bad the liberals stopped him.

Always On Watch

As one who works with groups of homeschoolers, I know very well the benefits and the shortcomings of the homeschooling movement.

Overall, though, I believe that homeschooling is the only way to make sure that parents' values are passed on to their children.

BTW, a few years back, homeschoolers at Patrick Henry College defeated Harvard in rounds of policy debate. Woohoo!


I've linked to your post from


Why Conservatives are losing ground - Call to Dunkirk

... I do not know where you stand on the 2nd amendment but I've had a conversation with a 12 yo about gun laws - apparently only bad people have guns; Ignoring the fact good people use guns to stop crime in self defence. And Global warming, and, and, and ...


Wayne: Thanks for that link and for your article.

It's true, our schools have played a huge part in the downfall of Conservatism, the family, parental control over what kids learn and their values.

It's a shame that home schooling parents have to pay twice, once through taxes and the second time with their own money for school supplies etc. for their children.

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