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February 13, 2009



Since when is violence done by Muslims in the West ever covered by the MSM? Knowing the dhimmi judges, he will get prohibition if a jury finds him guilty (the likelihood is slim to none).


This is sickening! It also shows just how far left the media has gone...these guys are nothing but cowards who can't report the news!


Our constitution and bill of rights insure we have "Free Speech" however we cannot speak of anything Muslim, however they can try to influence our way of life with their 1400 year old laws.
Wake up America!

F*ck Islam

Revolution is coming. I just it hope it begins before Obama and his ilk take a way our guns.

Faultline USA

Amen! "If this had been a white Christian man who beheaded his wife, you can bet your house that the MSM would be all over it."

I'll see what I can do to help spread the word.


This scares me to death..

I am afraid we are becoming too much like England...

I do not feel safe.. at all.


Yep...had the guy been a white Christian male, all the feminists would howling bloody murder. Where are they when he's a Muslim?

Donning burkas and slinking away, 'cuz it ain't politically correct to complain about Islam.


Concerned Citizen

This is s huge story. The local media here in Buffalo barely mentioned this story in their newscasts because of the plane crash that killed 50 people. There's a huge story behind this tragic event that needs to be explored. By the way I am a former BridgesTV employee.


wonder if they'll call it what it is? an "honor" killing...bet not.

i notice the "octomom" is ALL OVER the news - that's why i've turned my set off - sick of the media whores.


The reason no one is screaming bloody murder and that MSN is not all over it, it becuase everyone expects such acts to come from muslim culture. It is in their religion no matter what they try to tell you.


Islam, the religion of peace in action. Please, dont accuse islam for this people, really, islam is really a peaceful religion. hahahaha.

Question: Not all muslims are terrorists, but why are all terrorists muslims......


We see husbands killing women in the US all the time. I spend almost 10 hours a day watching the 'reality' programs that tell the stories of men killing women for love, money, children, mistresses, (no) promotion, and on and on. Blacks & Whites are both very good (?) at it. Muslim beheading his wife is a bit strange in the US though not uncommon in Muslim countries. This crime and the manner of death doesn't quite fit the norm. Sad indeed. Especially for young children


One less terrorist producing machine is no all bad.


... listen quietly and intently... my name is allah and i'm fed up of the mess islam has become and has always been. i started islam as a joke and now it's gone too far for my liking. i have made the kaffir more intelligent so that my stupid experiment with islam can come to an end finally. you see.... muslims are the worst thing invented by god (me). i want to now get rid of them so i have made the kaffirs strong and have given them knowledge of the atom so islam can and will come to it's end in a few years. get out of islam now ...this is my sincerest advice to you. i hope you understand. the whole world and the universe i have created despises muslims. i have apologised to the kaffirs about my mistake with creating islam and creating mischief on this beautifull earth by giving him the strongest weapon in the universe. he is free to use it as he wishes on islam. there is no more i can do for this accursed thing called islam i mistakenly created. muslims donot contribute anything sweet and beautifull on this planet. islam has to be stamped out like a poinsonous snake that it is in my beautiful house. i apologise to all snakes for this heavenly insult but muslims eversince it seems are behaving like vandalous monkeys ...hence the comparison for their simple and empty minds. my name is allah. tell your friends my advice . get out of islam...live peacefully...respect children and women and live with love and dignity. islam was a joke. gone too far. heed my words. it is not for nothing that the words mud and mad come from the same source.....moha-mud and moha-mad. the very fact you speak english is a sign that you aren't totally brainless... like my invention madmud. i hence forth chuck islam in the dustbin of history. i have spoken . i am washing my hands of this accursed thing i invented. ANYONE WHO LEAVES ISLAM IS A THINKER AND A SELF SCIENTIST.


Dr. Music: That's great, thanks for sharing. If only it were an actual message from mohammad.

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