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March 17, 2009



Just more of the Marxism and socialism that the Barry Soetero & Friends progressives want to "bring" to you...by shoving down all our throats.

What a bunch of idiots that voted for this pack of marxist crap!


We are all Kulaks now.



That is so sad. People trying to do some hard work and save themselves some money and the government just has to push their way into it because some rich butthole isn't getting as much money as he thinks he should

e cigarettes

I am beginning to really lose all faith and credibility in the FDA. It seems to me that instead of focusing their efforts on protecting the general public they are in-turn being influenced by corporate agenda and special interest. I take everything they say with a grain of salt.

E Cig

There's no way to FDA is gonna stop me from growing my apricots.

Your girl Mary :)


let them try

dan saintignon

does this mean the gov will fine the WHITE HOUSE and sieze that property for having a garden at the WHITE HOUSE ?????????


Good question, I thought of that myself when I posted this silly thing.

Bryan Mc

This insane, but it's just one more step to take away all of our rights and create a New World Order of a Fascist corporate owned military industrial complex that controls our "Puppet Pseudo government" Anyone who does not believe this is blind and sleepwalking through life.. Just how they want us to be, brainwashed drones. Wake Up People! Get Angry! And Fight.. or get out of the way, go back to sleep and wait to die! Join our website (just in the bare bones stage now) if you care about these and other topics, we need your minds to make this work and grow. soon to come quantumloop.com


anyone know the follow up if this ban passed or not?


Wow thats no surprise. Also keep an eye out for the " Gaurdianship Act" Its a campaign thats fueled by Animal Rights Orginizations that will allow the government can revoke gaurdianship for violation of ever increasing list of forbidden activitys. So pretty much it would make our animals a loan from the government. For more imformation go to NAIA National Animal Interest Alliance. For more imformation protect your rights to own animals and grow your own food.

Jeremy Davis

We as a ''free'' people must concider SECESSION this time it's a matter of life and death! This marxist regeme with obama at the helm wants to control us through our stomachs.Please understand secession=liberty,uncheckedunion at any cost any cost=tyranny. Forget slavery we are ALL slaves now.Secession is simply the policital re-set button that will usally check the federal gov. It lets the gov know when they have over stepped their bounds according to the 10th admendment. See YouTube:America in Crisis to learn more about the only solution to our current problem. Please know that we are in fact still liveing with the results of appomattox.you must remember the when the yankee armies were marching across the South they were commanded many a times to ''live off the land''. Lioncoln APPROVED union commamders requesting to wage a war of ''atteration'' or more simply known as ''starvation''. With obama(like Lincoln) illeagly occuping the white house I find the more things change the more they stay the same. Lets get FREE lets start a LIBERTY revival and tell washington they can take their ban on outdoor gardening and put it where the sun dont shine. and remember my friends, ''Secession is the inherant right of a FREE people willing to escape tyranny'' Peace and Shalom

David (DW)

I didn't know they allowed blogging from rubber rooms in insane asylums.

Nicholas McGuire

I don't know what is going on, for so much is happening! RFID, Smart cards, Ban on seeds and gardens..? If our government is truly evil, I don't think fighting with fists will work to exist in a nation without this communistic evil. Adding methods of similar tactic (if will be) into a cycle will not end un-democra. ways, yet it could be excuse for annilation and some sort of possible "martial law" or whatever. If we would like peace, that is what we need to stand for. If persecution will become the after result of peace's stand, then perhaps we would not be persecuted in vain.
In the end, evil will be vanquished.

Larry Colatriano

The government is out of control and needs to be put down like a rabid dog. Where has our democracy gone? We need real revolution to let the government know who is really in charge....throw all of the bums out and let's start from scratch. This two-party system is broken and corrupt and hasn't been "for" the people for decades now.

jamie Hume

Very dangerous. Who ever controls food and water controls you. Never have I heard of this kind of 'super' control on a population. Is there a petition? Are there lobbyists? What is going on down there in the USA? Seriously people... you are getting scarier every day.

B Bradley

This would be nothing more than an attempt to control "We The People". Falls right in line with control the water, control the food, control the guns. If they could achieve all of this than Americans will loose all there freedoms. What will it take for you to stand up and resist?

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