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April 23, 2009



its getting more frighening each day Deb..sigh:(


First, Janet Reno used jackbooted Gestapo under her and Clinton's auspices against the "right wing"; now Napolitano is paving the way to dig up and reintroduce Himmler to control the non-Barry supporters out there.

Nice bunch, the Left.

Maggie Thornton

I live in Tulsa. I've followed the OKC bombing since the event. The evidence is solid that there was a third bomber.

I don't understand how our Government can do this to our country.


Debbie, this won't surprise you much but none other than the left wing hero of the 9/11 Commission, Richard Clarke, said in his book that Nichols bombs didn't work until he came back from his last trip to the Philippines. Who was in the Philippines at the time? Ramzi Yousef, the WTC 1 bomber and nephew of KSM.

Nichols wrote out a will and delivered it to his ex before that final trip. What was he scared of?


A.C.McCloud: That's very interesting. I didn't know that but it seems like something that should have been investigated. What a blockbuster this would be if true, that he did meet with Yousef.


Sorry. My blog has been inactivated, so I can only cut/paste a post from April 19, 2008:

There are many recent history conspiracy theories. Perhaps one of the most offensive is that surrounding the events 13 years ago this morning when Terry Nicols and Timothy McVeigh exploded a bomb at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building (Yes, there are some people who continue to maintain that there was an Islamic connection, when it was an act of domestic terrorism.). A traffic stop just 90 minutes afterward led to the arrest of McVeigh.

The crime scene that morning covered a 20 sq. block area. However, a truck axle found 650 feet away from the building revealed a VIN and led to investigators learning that it belonged to a Ford truck that had been sold to Ryder truck rentals.

The Ford people were quick to tell us that the 1993 twenty-foot Ford truck had been sold to Ryder and it was a rental. Ryder? That immediately piqued our interest because Ryder was the same brand that had been used in the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 in New York City. Did this mean that the perpetrators were Middle Eastern? This was a thought that certainly ran through our heads. As we all now know, the bombers weren’t Middle Eastern and the Ryder truck usage was merely coincidental, but at the time we figured that a connection could be a possibility.

Not too long after, FBI investigators traced the truck to “Elliott’s Auto Body, a rental agency in Junction City, Kansas, where a “Robert Kling” had rented it on April 17 a little after 4:00 PM.” Located just 244 miles, or a 4 hour drive from Oklahoma City…too close for comfort to be insignificant to the investigation. Interviews with the people at Elliott’s Auto Body quickly found the paperwork showing that the truck had been rented to “Robert Kling” who supposedly lived in Idaho. This phony address led to the conclusion that no Robert Kling existed (and in fact, not only not in Idaho, but anywhere in the 50 states). This led the FBI to send an artists to Junction City to do a composite sketch.

The result of the artist’s work was an image of what we called Unknown Subjects (Unsubs) in the FBI lexicon. In this case, there were two images, and with Unsub #1, or John Doe #1, the image was very close, as it would turn out, to that of the actual bomber, Timothy McVeigh. Unsub #1, the primary person, was the one who actually went to the rental counter and rented the truck. Eldon Elliott, the owner, later testified that he remembered Timothy McVeigh’s face because McVeigh, unlike most clients, had waived damage insurance on the vehicle.

(But a witness at the rental agency also remembered something else—McVeigh was accompanied by another man. As Simple Truths, the seminal book on the Oklahoma City bombing, describes it, the search for Unsub #2 would receive more public and media attention than anything else in the case.)

With the faces of the perpetrators, the FBI’s investigation was accelerated. At first they were surprised that neither suspect looked like a Middle Easterner (please now, eliminate the conspiracy theory from your minds)…they were white, make Americans. The next day, “John Doe #1″ and “John Doe #2″ were introduced to the American public. AG Reno also announced a $2 million reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the bombers.

What else went on during this time?

● There was talk of a possible third man, an Oklahoma resident named Abraham Ahmad, who had left Oklahoma on the day of the explosion. On his way to Amman, Jordan, he was stopped on a connecting leg of his trip in London for “acting nervous.”

● there was a spotlight on three Middle Eastern–looking men who had been arrested in Oklahoma and Texas…held on immigration charges after stopping an Oklahoma state trooper to ask directions on Wednesday (Later found to have nothing to do with this case.)

At that point, the FBI started to question motive for the bombing.

After basically rejecting the notion that the motive for the bombing was drug related (DEA employees were among those missing in the attack), they concluded a possible “connection to survivalist or extremist religious cults,” considering that the Oklahoma City bombing occurred exactly two years following the Branch Davidian stand-off in Waco (now in the news because people are drawing relationships between Waco and El Dordado where newly pubescent teen girls were being impregnated in the name of a polygamist “religion”). Perhaps not coincidently, on the same day as the Oklahoma bombing, “a member of another right-wing extremist group, the Order, was executed in Arkansas for the murder of a pawnshop owner whom he thought was Jewish.”

The real break in the case came when the manager of the Dreamland Motel recognized the man federal agents had only known as Robert Kling, as “Tim McVeigh.” A bit more digging determined that in a routine traffic stop, an Oklahoma State Trooper has queried the name, Timothy McVeigh that very same day, April 19th, seventy-five miles from the bombing site when, about an hour and a half after the explosion. The car didn’t have a license plate.

The driver, Timothy McVeigh, explained he’d just bought the car and that’s why he didn’t have the plate. When Hanger asked if he had insurance or registration, he said that because the car was newly purchased—although he didn’t have any kind of receipt—all the documentation was being sent to his new address.

As he gave Trooper Hanger his driver’s license, the officer saw that he did happen to be carrying something: a gun. The traffic violator was sporting a Glock semiautomatic pistol on a shoulder holster. He also had ith him an ammo clip and a knife.

Time for jail, Mr. McVeigh. He was escorted into Hanger’s patrol car, after being ordered to leave his locked car by the side of the road. So, there it was—a nearly undisturbed crime scene. It was sort of like one of the Egyptian tombs. We caught quite a lucky break.

It was also quickly learned that McVeigh’s NY State concealed weapon permit was not legal in Oklahoma…he was put in jail.

Note that the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism has an extensive data base of information relating to the Oklahoma City bombing. One element is a feature called “Today in Terrorism” the results for today are shown below:

April 19, 2000 - Philippines: Abu Sayyaf beheads 2 hostages because demands ignored, including release of Arab terrorists in US jails. See 3/20.

April 19, 1995 - United States: An explosion at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City killed 168 people and injured hundreds of others.

April 19, 1995 - Japan: Over 400 injured during chemical attack on the Yokohama subway, Aum Shinrikyo responsible.

April 19, 1980 - Colombia: Founding of M-19. The “April 19 Movement (M-19),” formerly a leftist guerrilla group, has made peace with the government and become a legitimate political party.

There is one other thing. For those who may wonder my identity or why I am interested in terrorism, a minor clue is that this event, the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, is in fact, the moment when I began my new life.


Stormwarning: Thanks for sharing your article.


Debbie -- I lived in the Oklahoma City area when the bombing took place in 1995. As I was researching a still-unfinished book a few years later, I had the opportunity to speak to Jayna Davis about her book and about the challenges she faced in going against popular thought while writing it. After reading her work and speaking to her, I totally believe McVeigh and Nichols were just "fall guys" for something much bigger.

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