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April 07, 2009



Whether Barry proves as stupid as Jimmy Carter, or stupider, will be determined AFTER we get hit, because of the weakness Barry is projecting abroad to our enemies, by trying to suck up to them. Carter tried it, and got us the Iranian hostage crisis. Clinton tried it, and got us Bin Laden and 9/11. Now here comes Barry boy, the messiac appeaser! Practice your duck 'n cover drills!


The Change of which The 0 doesn't materialize; It metastasizes.


"With three deadly suicide/homicide terrorist attacks within 24 hours in Pakistan, Americans and people worldwide are beginning to realize that the campaign promise of ‘Change’ did not materialize into any substantial reduction of worldwide terror attacks, which appear to be getting worse under Obama’s watch."

What amazes me is that this was not obvious to them in the first place. It's like refusing to acknowledge gravity or something.

"North Korea continues to launch missiles that could potentially carry nuclear warheads to the United States, Japan, and any number of other countries. These missiles can also be sold to countries like Iran or Syria, or sold directly to terror groups."

Most people out there can't fathom this, for them to comprehend this, it actually has to happen. And we thought 9/11 was enough, if only.

"If you can't think of anything good to say about America Mr. President, then SHUT UP for a change."

Well said, and that applies to most leftists out there, if only they'd listen.

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