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October 21, 2009


Betsy Wuebker

They have to set a precedent so that there will be something to sue when malpractice occurs under government health "care." No one that I've seen has addressed the issue of sovereign immunity with respect to the pending health insurance legislation. Won't providers be employees of the almighty State?

Stanford Matthews

My question is what took them so long? Four years? One would think any class action ambulance chasing lawyer like a John Edwards would have been all over this a long time ago. Maybe not exactly this but another strategy for a lawsuit of equal stupidity.

BTW, other states in the gulf region seem to deal with natural disasters without all the angst.

R.J. Godlewski

Can we sue filers of frivilous lawsuits for damaging the environment by destroying trees used in their reams of legal documents?


I'm spending Christman in Connecticut this year and I hear that it's going to be a bitter cold one! Can anyone spare any Co2 emissions to warm up thinga up a bit. Oh no....global cooling is next........;-)

Love your blog!


dittosrush: We have had the coolest summer I can remember here, no global warming. Thanks for the kind words and come back often.

Betsy: Interesting point. Unfortunately nobody knows, we don't actually have a bill yet. Getting this congress to agree on one will be questionable.

Stanford: They have been trying to do this for some time, but they couldn't get the courts to agree they had a basis to file suit ... until now.

R.J.: Excellent, I'm wondering how many trees will have to die for these suits to be filed???


This is what leftism gets us. Stupidity, ignorance and destruction on a scale we thought is unimaginable.


I am surprised, because of the foolishness of this suit, that some group of national taxpayers doesn't offer a counter-suit against the state, city, and complainants regarding the ill advised (and known to be ill advised) placement and then maintenance of the location of the city. An investigation into the graft and other illegal means of maintaining the location in discovery would be... interesting, as Spock might say. *eyebrows raised* *blink* *blink*

Just a thought.

Always On Watch


We really do live in the Age of Surrealism.


Well, as a foolish idea it is ok, and even fun but does anyone think they got at least 1% chances of winning that suit? I think they don’t. It is just a suit for the sake of it and for the sake of “remembering” the Katrina holocaust. If this suit serves to mind people about the problem it is ok, but no way they are going to get 1c in compensation damage.

The Grouch at Right Truth

There's just some things the left never gets over:


George Bush 2000 election

Ronald Reagan

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