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October 27, 2009


The Right Look

You know this is what I love about the libtards. They put the human race at such a low standing in the grand scheme of things.

They are willing to kill babies, go on green rants and tell us not to eat meat and have pets to save the planet.

What audacity!

Have they looked around at the world lately? Have they actually seen how big it really is?

To reiterate, they like to put us in our place by telling us how little we really mean. But, will then tell us that we, now remember how they really feel about us, are the cause of all the earth's problem!

Like I said before, what audacity!

It just does not add up.

Like almost everything that comes form the left!



I am becoming more dazed and confused with each new passing day! This government is spiraling to utter depths of degration and I see NO WAY to stop it.

Debbie,thank you for keeping abreast of things such as this. I am feeling overwhelmed.


degradation. sorry. I am tired...


Since we are such a fouled up country, next time a third world country needs help from a disaster, don't call us for we wont be there. Call The UN

vegas art guy

I truly think that Reid thinks he can get this to pass. I'd be willing to bet that he figures out some way to get around the filibuster.


Not to worry, Debbie - you are not the only one - when I make more than one post per week, that is extremely worrisome for my family!

This week has been especially bad as one of my oldest friends lost her daughter to an infection and her body's rejection of a bone marrow transplant - she was only 28. It is times like this when I wonder if any of U.S. deserve ANY goodness whatsoever in our lives.

God help U.S. Hosha Na Moshiach


There is so much craziness going on in the left that I don't know what to blog about first! Conservatism is definitely on the rise even in the Republican party.


Thanks everybody. Good to know I'm not along in feeling so overwhelmed.

Seems each day it takes forever to get finished reading all the crazy things that have happened just overnight.

It will be one big chore to turn things around after Obama is out.


The hydra, our hydra anyway, is definitely a fearful and evil thing. It doesn't seem to matter how many heads are cut off, others come around and those that were lopped off seem to regenerate. Either the whole beast must be expunged or the whole game is lost. Where is Jack the Giant killer when you really need him? It is said he works for beans.

ron russell

Many on the far left did not like the Berlin wall coming down, because it was a symptom of the fall of the USSR and communism. A system that for years despite all it short comings they had admired. So why should Obama celebrate that victory over socialism---a system he sees as the savior for the world.


No you're not the only one Debbie, but unfortunately there isn't enough of us who see the left and the green movement for what they really are.

Their hatred of humanity has never reduced, it's only been stopped and occasionally shamed into the closest, but they've never stopped wanting to cull humans in some way.


We do not want back any Indians who have left india years back for better life in America,All jobs here is for indians who stayed back for thier future with india in india.

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