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November 19, 2009


Perri Nelson

There's a serpent in that bottle Debbie! I think I'll keep it under "11 units" a day thanks.

I wonder how much protection a good shot of Nadurra will offer? With a little water.

Ralph E.

Snake Hunter Sez,

I tended bar (briefly) just after returning from Italy in WWII; I opened the place at 10 AM. Always had the hard-core, elderly "winos" sitting at the curb. Sad, desperate, blood-shot eyed old men, anxiously waiting for me to pour their morning "fix".

Muscatel & Sherry (sweet wine) was all they craved.
Two shaky hands with the first glass, with less shaking, and one-hand for the second (large) 6 oz glass, and all the shakyness suddenly gone,
and casual conversation began with the third.

None of them enjoyed life.

Your Spanish Survey didn't mention the brutally tragic effects of Sweet Wine on body & mind. reb

Perri Nelson

Ah, but Snake Hunter... it did...

"...but the risk of cancer, accidents, mental health problems and liver cirrhosis do increase with high consumption."

Always On Watch

A bit of liquor every day also helps nerve pain. I know from personal experience!


I guess the lessons to take from this study are, (1) question how the journalist, who never took science or math in school, is interpreting data from the real scientists and, (2) moderation in all things.

Tungsten Rings

But sometime wine can make our body feel better, so it's not to bad If we not drink that to much.

Keranamu Gula

One bottle of wine will keep a doctor away? That is great. I will give a try.


For me it keeps the psychiatrist away. I'd go nuts without some wine. Everything's better with some wine in the belly.

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