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November 10, 2009


Ron Russell

I have watch the Jewish state for many, many years almost from its birth in 1948 and I must tell you that Israel will stand against the Arab hordes and not yeild in its struggle. The Israeli are proud and strong people and a military second to none in that region and they will if need be pull the tigger. I worry more about us than I do about Israel. They were here before us and will be here when we are gone.


Ron: I am always amazed at what Israel has been able to do, how she stands up to enemies so much greater in size. But we all know why -- Israel has God guiding and protecting her.

I have always believed that God also guides and protects America. But as with Israel, America also has the same cycle.

Look throughout the Old Testament and you will find it over and over...

Israel follow's God's guidance...

Israel strays from God...

God allows something to happen, an attack by another nation, subjugation, defeat, whatever...

Israel turns back to God and things are good, until they stray again.

America is doing the same thing, only God has so far not brought another nation against us here at home, but has used other ways to bring us back. Our cycles are more subtle than Israels.


Israel is one of our allies against radical Islam yet Obama insists upon antagonizing her. It is typical of his naivete in foreign affairs that Obama feels he can take both sides and succeed in having everybody love America. Instead he faces scorn from the Muslim nations and anger and disappointment from Israel. Having him represent our nation abroad was a terrible terrible mistake which I sincerely hope will not have grave consequences to us all.

The Right Look

God bless Israel and all her people!

Know that there are millions of American's on your side!

That said; "How long before Israel beats down on Iran and it's nuke habit?" ;)



God bless Israel - God help U.S. if we EVAR turn our back on Israel - Psalm 122:6 - we pray everyday for Israel - perhaps that is why the Lord is so good to our family?


"Ahmadinejad says Obama must choose - Israel or Iran"

Don't fret mahmoud, like most leftists, obama has privately chosen iran and islam, but publicly mouths support for Israel.

"I truly believe that America's future is tied to that of Israel. I also believe that America has much to learn from Israel, especially as it pertains to terrorism."

100% true, personally, i have no ties to Israel, but they are good people there and they have suffered and done so much for the world, we must not sell them out to the wolves. Even if one has no interests in Israel, we would do well to remember that if Israel falls, the evil that besieges them will be at our door soon, so it makes sense to help them and support them to defeat it so that we won't have to.

Duncan Hill

If settling American and Europeans in the Middle East and then hugely bankrolling them isn't imperialism, then I don't know what is.

Simple solution is the one-state solution. One secular state where Jews, Muslims, Christians, Arabs, Europeans and Americans live.

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