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January 26, 2010



This is a chilling account to read. Funny how a terrorist can get Miranda rights in the USA, but an American can't get basic rights of discovery in a Canadian court to make his own case. This is so messed up.

But for the grace of God, it could be any of us. I will definitely add my support to this worthy cause.

Thanks for sharing it, Debbie.

R.J. Godlewski

I'm sure that we could sue the Canadians for just about anything, though I'd prefer invasion myself. ;o)

David (DW)

If I post what I really think of this school, will I be sued by McBastard for defamation?


Now , Now, R.J. WE're supposed to be allies......:) This is truly an embarassment for sure.Mc Bastard university has always been a dhimmi school, and it's no suprize that it's in liberal ontario. I'll be bringing this up on my local talk radio show tonight. Hopefully C.S.I.S. is keeping an eye on these dirtbags, although i would'nt count on it. Keeping an eye on muslims is'nt politically correct in liberal infested Ontario.

R.J. Godlewski


Yeah, I know. But I'm just across the river from Ontario. A former professor was from there and all he did was bash America and Israel and offer that Muslim extremism was the fault of America, yada yada yada.


un real DEB...truly the Twilight zone..leftists destroying freedom little by little.........



Debbie, above is a Wikipedia story for Williams stating that the reason he's being sued is for saying terrorists stole substantial amounts of unspecified nuclear materials, which Canadian Nuclear Commission is denying ....is Wikipedia keeping the rest of this story quiet? And, if so, can't one Williams or some of his supporters update it to reflect the information above, which is SHOCKING and so disturbing!
I'm considering helping Dr Williams financially but would like clarification on what I've said above...
(I hate to say I came to tell you my MUCH MUCH lighter post just went up and I thought your husband might enjoy it!) xx


Hooray for the blood drawing Irish who go with GOD

Paul's PHD = Pretty Heavy Duty


Paladin: If you do talk about his on your radio show, please mention the defense fun link to your listeners.


David: No I don't think you will be sued, you are not the first to express concerns about McMaster.

R.J.: Invade? You know that in parts of the U.S. we are just as bad as sections of Canada, with enclaves of people who will not assimilate into our culture.

We have groups with members who are Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. right here in the U.S.

Cube and Angel: Yes it is chilling. The frightening thing is that it could happen to anyone. Thank goodness for brave souls like Dr. Williams, Geert Wilders, Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn, Rachael Ehrenfeld and on and on...

Michael Travis

Time to contact the Ministry of Truth!




Z: I don't depend in Wikipedia, anyone can log in and post anything they want. Many items are not current, have errors, etc.

I will suggest that Dr. Williams go himself and update the information.


Michael Travis


We spent ten days at the McMaster campus and documented the [almost] total lack of security at the reactor.


We were never challenged during our investigation, and I had to actually sit on the reactor supply door while a Global-National Ca. reporter asked the head of "Security" to check me out. (We needed a signed confirmation of our presence at the reactor)

Ron Russell

I know little of Dr. Williams or his situation. Great interview however. I never ever trust what I find on wikipedia on a subject like this.

Always On Watch

Litigation jihad.

I'll say this for Moslems: they know exactly how to use our freedoms against us.

When is the West going to catch on?

A.C. McCloud

So presumably any ole blogger could write about something sensitive but unverified and wind up getting sued by the Canadians?

What happens if the suit is ignored?


A.C. I don't think you CAN ignore it. If you could just ignore it, Williams, Steyn, and others would have done just that.

And yes, it's not just professional journalists, bloggers too can be sued. The key is to be factual, have references for everything you say, unless the article is clearly opinion, and even then you are subject to the law-fare threats.

Everything Williams wrote was backed up with evidence, and STILL he was sued.


A.C. McCloud

Wow. Are you saying that if someone ignores the subpoenas and tells 'em to pound sand they can somehow be hauled off to Canuckistan and jailed for not showing?

I would think it might keep you out of their country due to warrants (which might be part of the point) but I don't see how they can touch us down here for exercising our free speech rights. It's still grotesquely wrong, though.


This interview was picked up by a Swiss internet site,


Please check it out.

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