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January 08, 2010



Pretty funny.
My dad sent this one to me. You just gotta wonder what it's going to take before TeamObama, Pelosi and Reid get the message.
They obviously don't care very much about their jobs.


I agree about the left wanting to control our lives, but during the Bush administration, I didn't feel that MY rights were being trampled upon.

After 9/11, I wanted a strong response against the terrorists and I honestly believe the Patriot Act was being used against terrorists and not by Bushies listening in to my conversations.

I wouldn't put anything past the Obama admin. though, because I don't trust them one bit.

I never doubted Bush's love for this country. I don't get that vibe from Obama because I don't think he loves MY America.


I just love that vid!

Hope you and the grouch are staying warm.


We had snow yesterday, temp this morning 10 degrees, no telling how low the wind chill was.

I hate cold weather, but looks like we have more ahead.

Can't wait until SPRING!!!!

Hillary Kitten

Top Twenty Five Features of ObamaCare

"No Shirt, No Shoes, No Surgery"

1. Medical degrees from Devry.
2. Mandatory organ donor cards.
3. Lighters used to sterilize syringes.
4. Stomach stapling done at Office Max.
5. Coin operated morphine dispensers.
6. Tap water is a plasma substitute.
7. Homeless people all have only one kidney.
8. Free cremation with any major operation.
9. Bunkbeds in the Intensive Care Unit.
10. Your first dose of narcotics is free.
11. Special "showers" for the elderly.
12. Tongue depressors taste like Popsicles.
13. None of the nurses speak English.
14. The hospital cafeteria failed its health inspection.
15. Ambulances have meters.
16. Hospital walls are infested with "lab" rats.
17. Do-it-yourself heart bypass kits.
18. Wind up pacemakers.
19. You make up your own hospital bed.
20. Anesthesia comes in a bong.
21. Patients' meals are MREs.
22. Leeches make a comeback!
23. Hospital TVs are all turned to MSNBC.
24. Sears surgical tools.
25. A visit to the hospital will automatically cancel your life insurance policy.


Hillary Kitten, I love that. Thanks so much. Probably not too far from the truth, because all the reputable doctors, nurses etc. will quit.


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