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February 21, 2010


Always On Watch

I'm glad to see this information.


if the new face of the conservative movement is Ron Paul, we're in big trouble.

Note my posting at Infidel Bloggers Alliance and the comments thereto:


R.J. Godlewski

Damn, it looks like I'm going to have to run for president. ;oD


If Ron Paul is the answer, it was a really STOOPID question...

Sure, there weren't that many votes in the straw poll, but WHY?

Why only 1/4 or less of the attendees voted, and those that did were mostly moonbat Paulinistas…

Why didn’t the other attendees vote? Somehow, I’m not buying the BS about the Paulies being the only ones that knew where to vote in this straw poll…

Somehow, I am feeling like the thrill of the celebrity, pomp and circumstance and such was all that many went for…

Somehow, I think the Paulinistas, as messed up as I believe them to be, actually came to CPAC to do business, not be a part of some photo op…


AOW, I'll check out your article.

R.J.: I'd vote for you, but you better start raising money NOW, ha.


I don't know how many times the GOP has been told that the people want real conservatives. I just wonder how long it'll take for them to get it.


Sure, Ron Paul is waaaay off the reservation, but his strong showing in the CPAC straw poll is good for conservatism.

Libertarians are conservative extremists when it comes to small government (they loved Ronald "Government-IS-the- problem" Reagan for that reason), and Ron Paul's victory is the natural, reactionary statement against Obama's big government extremism.

It's a statement writ large meaning that conservatives are angry and serious about slamming on the brakes, and voting for Paul was the loudest way to make it.

Yes, a message has been sent. Conservatives mean business (pun intended).

Libertarians are so far to the right that the hardcore among them consider Palin a RINO.

They are so anti-government that not even their social liberalism and the outspoken atheists among them save them from leftist ire.

The left can't stand Ayn Rand, for example, who was an atheist and who didn't do any favors for family values, but she had a great of contempt for government, especially that of the collectivist variety.

Remember also that that the Tea Party movement was founded by Libertarians (who are now complaining that it has been hijacked by who they consider to be RINO's, like Palin).


btw, speaking of potential conservaative avatars, I don't know much about this guy (Congressman Don Young, R-AK), but I like what he says here:



Check out this guy:


Ron Paul Shirts

I honestly don't understand what there's not to like about Ron Paul. What? You want to stay in these wars that mean absolutely NOTHING but a waste of money and lives?

You feel secure because we are in all these wars? Really? I wonder how secure you would feel if your kid was over there in the line of fire? I bet that kid doesn't feel too secure right now.

It is YOU who are being duped, my friends. It is YOU who cannot see past your Fox News and talk radio blinders. Hey, it's okay, I used to be just like you. Before 2009, I hated Ron Paul too. I hated Ron Paul because the tv and radio told me to. I hated him because I didn't want to see how ugly it really was behind the facade of the neo-conservative movement. I wanted there to be a majority of good guys and wanted them to be the Conservative Republican party. But I woke up. When Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh told me that I should vote for John (Amnesty) McCain, that was the final straw. I then began to turn off the television and think for myself. For the sake of this country, you need to as well.

Or don't. Keep listening to O'Reilly, Beck and the rest of them. Call me one the Ron Paul loons and see what happens in the next five years if another sparkly-toothed talking-head puppet gets elected as president. You will then wish you could take this election back to change the damage you and your neo-con buddies have made to what was once a good and free nation.

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