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May 29, 2010


Ann Bradley

currently living in the middle east, decided to visit the local islamic museum of art, relatively newly built, only to discover that apart from two old korans, nothing there is islamic but consists of items from Greece, Spain, India etc. So it will be iinteresting to know what muslims drum up as islamic art which is a myth in my opinon.


What a f@#$%^g disgrace !!! And Harper is a conservative ! Thats the kinda crap we have to put up with in this country ! I've made up my mind.........I'm applying to move to the U.S.A. My fiance is there, and at least Americans have the pelotas to stand up for whats right ! Canadians i'm afraid to say , have turned into sheep ! baaaaaa !!! baaaaa !!! Even our so called conservatives are a bunch of lying shitbags............PATHETIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ann Bradley, that's interesting. I wondered myself what they would put in this "museum"

Paladin, come on over everybody else is. Would be nice to have more come legally like you.


I don't need a crystal ball or anything, but i'm seeing the westerner a few years after this thing has been built, scratching his/her ass and wondering, what's up with the calls for jihad from the center.

We westerners are baffling, we invite the snake into our home and then wonder why it bites us.

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