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May 02, 2010


R.J. Godlewski

Don't forget the incident in Philadelpha that necessitated the re-routing of the marathon because of the explosives found within a microwave oven. Things are definitely beginning to heat up around here...

Ron Russell

One of the first reports I heard was that this was not a sucide bomber. How can anyone know that? Maybe the guy thought when he hit the button the thing would go off with him in the car and when it didn't he became afraid and ran. Just my observation.


Looks like zero's ass kissing and touchy-feely approach to the islamic problem that he insists doesn't exist is working out real swell.

Needless to say, tea partiers and any old, white grandmas driving SUVs will be heavily targeted in response to this.


maybe another source behind this is Iran. It has promised that there are bombs in many major cities, ready to go off, if we try to attack Iran. Maybe this is a reminder that all terrorists are connected somehow, and if one group feels threatened, the others will help it. They will all work together to cripple America.


There are no surprises here; Barry is an inept buffoon, with a leftist ideology and an appeasement mentality. His occasional centrist rhetoric is meant merely to try to appeal to running-away moderates and independents, who see through the game. Barry's power needs to be neutered, first in November '10, and then finally in November '12.


I did not hear one word about "suicide bomber", but anything is possible. If (and I do say if) the man changing his shirt on the video is the bomber, he is described as white around 40. These days that doesn't necessarily mean he isn't Muslim, but we will see.

I'm wondering if he is really the guy who parked the car.

I heard one of the men who reported the parked car say there were "two" men.

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