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June 05, 2010



Oh me oh my, I am in trouble! I wrote a piece the other day and quoted the constitution. Guess I am in BIG trouble!

Always On Watch

"Interpersonal relations"?

Another leftist buzz phrase.

Bloviating Zeppelin

That moron can't copyright the US Constitution. Further, a disclaimer? What a blithering, bleeding idiot. THAT company desperately NEEDS to go OUT of business.



And so it goes ...


Considering that the Constitution is riddled with language that makes it clear that it was only written for heterosexual, Christian, white males, I think the disclaimer is pretty relevant. That way, women like me can feel as though it's still relevant to my life, and not being used as a tool to perpetuate sexism.

Some Soldier's Mom

what crap. I'll bet they put a disclaimer on the 10 Commandments as well!

July 4th

Tool to perpetuate sexism?? Typical feminist, grow up, you probably work for a non-profit. That piece of paper belongs to the people of this nation, not the publishing company! It belongs to all men AND women, all whites and all blacks, all latinos and asian descent Americans who are actual citizens of the United States. Get your popcorn ready, November's coming...

Fred Howard

Rather than Disclaim any of our founding documents, why not Reclaim them as the sole foundation of our Nation and Claim them as our own as we Commit our lives to their furtherance and Proclaim our loyalty to them now and forever.


Why even bother publishing it, if you don't believe anything it says.
Hmm.. could it be the company is just doing it to make money? Wow, capitalism at its best. Do what you can to make money, but keep holding hands with your leader..
I hope anyone thats serious about reading the constitution will NOT buy this book. If they do, they are putting money in progressive pockets.

D Norman

I guess our freedoms are out of date and we shouldn't have them anymore. I guess politicians can have as much power as they want. There should be NO limits to what government can do. All those for this disclaimer have NEVER read these documents!

Deb Mason

Are they crazy? I say lets boycott A&D publishing...

Bill weber

Let's show them what we think of this in November when it will count!


Lawyers and frivolous lawsuits are making disclaimers show up in the stupidest places.

I guess the publishing company is covering their backside legally so that they can't be sued over what they publish.


A & D obviously stands for Asinine & Democraps.


Imagine the stupid belief that people had rights other than what the government gives them.
The thought of a person being able to know what would make them happy and try to pursue it with with out being told what and how, Nonsense
And then not believing that our elitist government could come up with a better way to live a good life respecting and helping others. Even though religion has been around for 2000-4000 years and it would be almost imposable to find any one atheist or not who doesn't have those beliefs in them. Even the most remote undiscovered tribe believe in something greater that wants them to live a certain way, whether is be God, dirt or the sun. I'm sure our ultra smart elitist government could come up with some thing better that in no way could ever be traced back to a religion.
The insane belief that the government should answer to the people is utter nonsense. The average person is not nor will ever be capable to do such a thing.


Oh my Lord, is all I have to say. Thank God there are still people like me that can think rational thoughts and know better then to even pay this any mind


For those IGNORANT enough to believe that the CONSTITUTION is washed out OLD NEWS better get their bi-focals on and start actually reading it for what it REALLY says. There is nothing but certainty and strong intent to build a nation that will not bow down to the wishes of HIGHER AUTHORITY (AKA: "GOVERNMENT") Else we may as well have remained under British Control. Dr. Einstein and his ridiculous "Disclaimer" can go back to CHINA or RUSSIA where he belongs. Because we want our OLD REPUBLIC back! That's right America. We are a Republic NOT a DEMOCRACY! Do your homework. This means that our forefathers understood that we were a melting pot of different cultures and were going to have different takes on how we wished to live and what we found important. The idea was to NOT impose (or FORCE) others to live under the rules WE wanted them to live under. As per individual "STATES" or Countries taking UNION-SHIP of the American Umbrella for strength, WE THE PEOPLE could govern as we saw fit (the state). If we wanted a special health care it could be decided by the STATE to provide that. Thus up to the PEOPLE within that state to VOTE for that motion. Likewise with other things like Marriage, Abortion... Etc.
It's a shame that we can study SHAKESPEARE without batting an eye as to the meaning of his difficult terminology and still get a roughly good idea what was intended, but our own CONSTITUTION we seem to have problems with... and it was written in a language much more recent than Shakespeare. Hmm... GO FIGURE>>>

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