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July 18, 2010



this is so disheartening DEB..sigh.......................hope your weekend is fab..it's hot hot hot here!!:)

Snake Hunters

Nazism was then..this is now.

Female Muslims Are The Duped Victims Of Holy Jihad.
The Muslim Brotherhood Creed:

"Allah is our objective. the Prophet Muhammad is our leader. the Qur'an is our law; Jihad is our way... Dying in the way of Allah, is our highest hope."
___ ___

Indigo Red

It's not about NAZIs were then and something else today (that "something else" being Islam.) It's about women being willing participants in the activities of evil. We're often told that if women were in charge, things would be different; if women were national leaders, nothing bad would ever happen. Women are nurturers not destroyers and they would never partner with bad men doing bad things. That's just plain nonsense. It was nonsense in the 1930s and 40s and it's nonsense now.

I've been studying the Third Reich for over 40 yrs. These stories are not new to me and I'm glad they're still being written. The NYT writer mentions a woman who joined her husband in Battalion 101 on a killing field honeymoon. Her name was Vera Wohlauf.

She was a resident of Hamburg and married Captain Julius Wohlauf on June 29, 1942. Captain Wohlauf was the commanding officer of First Company, Police Battalion 101, at that time conducting mass executions of Jews in eastern Poland. After the first major killing action in the town of Jozefow, Frau Wohlauf joined her husband for a delayed honeymoon. During the next few weeks, Vera Wohlauf, now pregnant, witnessed several killing operations at her husband's side. Accompanied by Frau Lucia Brandt, wife of Lieutenant Paul Brandt, also of Police Battalion 101, they were witnesses to the day-long massacre and deportation of the Jews in Miedzyrec on August 25. Other wives of officers were party to all this as were a group of Red Cross nurses.

After the killings, the wives and their husbands sat outdoors at their billets, drinking, singing and laughing and discussing the day's activities. This was how Frau Vera Wohlauf spent her honeymoon.

These were not men specially trained to carry out mass executions by shooting people in the back of the skull. The men of Batallion 101 were just street cops mainly from Hamburg. That's why the book mentioned is entitled, "Ordinary Man".

There is a book available now, "The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism" by Chuck Morse (http://superstore.wnd.com/store/item.asp?ITEM_ID=3670) which clearly demonstrates the 'todayness' of the NAZI philosophy as interpreted by Islamic movers and shakers right into the Muslim Brotherhood.

I highly recommend both books to get a better understanding of Islam today.


Doesn't surprise me one bit, it's only after the defeat of nazism that it's suddenly become very difficult to find a nazi anymore.

And i'm sure the feminists will agree, if men can be swayed by evil like nazism, so can women. We are after all equal aren't we.

Ron Russell

I was aware of this! Many women worked in the camps as most men were at the War Fronts. I suspect most were honored to do this for the war effort---I suspect thats how they looked at it. Evil knows no sex!


Thanks for the input everyone.

The connections and comparisons to Islam are very interesting. Islam as a political system is an interesting study, because I believe that it is more accurate than Islam as a religion.


Fascinating article. I've always been intrigued by the actions and reactions to all of the activities and propaganda of the Third Reich. Women generally have much better intuition than men, and they must have known early on that everything was far from copacetic. But their own personal brutality, not only to children -- which is evil enough -- but to women as well, is mind boggling. And I include in that assessment the WAG of Hitler's minions at all levels. If you haven't seen the movie The Boy In The Striped Pajamas, you should. Very effective.

Trestin Meacham

I was not aware that the percentage of female guards was that high. Very interesting, and sad. Great find Debbie!

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