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July 27, 2010



I think a well known historian from Georgia related our current predicament quite well when he recounted the Jefferson Judicial Act of 1802. This eliminated by LEGISLATIVE ACTION half the Federal judges because they were not doing their job correctly. When those Judges wanted to be defended by the remaining Federal judges, they were told NO, we want to keep our positions. Washington, Jefferson, Madison and most of the framers and signers knew that the real power and the actual power lay in the legislative branch whose job it was to protect the State's interests and keep the Judicial Branch and the Executive Branch at bay when they messed up. So that election in your home state is critical on who we send to Washington to represent us. A unified Pro-Constitutional Congress and Senate can resist AND undo either of the other branches, because that is where the PEOPLE's POWER lies. The framers and signers understood this and they wanted to make sure above all else that we never fell into an elected MONARCHY and or Elitist pitfall on the part of the Executive and Judicial Branches. We need to put the right people in the seats and then their first order of business is to undo everything that has been done and that may include removing the Executive Branch head and its two testicles Nancy and Harry. All current office holders at local State and National level that have voted to keep the current systems running NEED TO BE REPLACED and the rest put on notice that a new group of citizens has broght back the traditional US sentiment and we shall return to the greatness our forefathers visioned.

Opus #6

Brian, well said. And right truth, great post.

I have never been accused of using sissy headlines, lol. No worries there. I am getting excited about NOvember.

Trestin Meacham

#1 for me is Social Security. I want it gone!


I like that sort of Conservative agenda, however i just hope that enough in the electorate feel the same way. Doing what obama and the democrats want will ruin America.

But it takes courage and integrity to say no to the government handout.




I think that conservatives need to realize that the majority of the US is not educated enough to see through the media. Economics and Government structure need to be mandatory every year in public school. Conservatives need to quit talking, start acting, and takeover the game once and for all. Quit allowing the liberal and progressive criminals to run all over everyone. Our country was founded upon action, not just talking about it. Quit playing politics and display the truth, educate to prevent the wrong from occurring. Freedom always needs protecting and defined. It can never coast or be taken for granted. Bring back the constitution and preserve the souls of the millions of lives who died trying to protect it.

sgt j moyer viet nam vet

So why do the VA keep srewing our vets if we have legiment claims give us the money!!!! we saved your money!!!

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