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September 26, 2010


R.J. Godlewski


The key is that both the Progressives and the Media are extremely anti-Catholic.

These monks are apparently going through the 'independent' route that is distasteful to those who feel that the Gubment must be involved in EVERYTHING.



"Is Barack Obama and all the other dhimmis standing up and saying the monks have the right to build their monastery on this site? Where's the media, where's the demonstrators, where are the cries of racism at those who are against the monastery? Why isn't New York City complaining that they will be deprived of taxes from the Cordoba House?"

Exactly, where is obongo and his gaggle of dhimmis, whatever happened to freedom of religion and a rights eh.

I think the monks should be supported purely because they're not out to blow us to pieces and slit our throats on youtube.


This is a continuing and growing problem. Churches and other tax exempt organizations are NOT good neighbors when they build elaborate edificies and expect their neighbors to pay their share of the taxes. Why shouldn't religious entities and other tax exempt groups pay their property taxes? Why shoud I be forced to pay higher property taxes to take up the slack. And it is even worse that this particular organization wants to run a profit making business and of course they want THAT to be tax exempt was well. They truely are bad nieghbors.


"All unlike the Imam Rauf and those connected to Ground Zero mosque."

Like FOX?

Marcia Crise

I understand the concept of "hermit" monks. Someone has internet access in order to market what they make to sustain themselves. If they build this church and monastery, clearly if not these "hermit" monks, there will be other priests to come in and serve and communicate with the people that are to come into this church that will seat 150 people. I would think that there are people living in this area have questions. I do not think the church or the monks have any intent to bring harm.

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