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October 26, 2010



Why Wait ! The newly elected Congress has the House Judiciary Committee propose impeachment. When the majority approves the Senate is given the task of prosecuting the President and then the Senate votes by majority.
The two most important tasks for a new CONSERVATIVE CONGRESS are 1) Cut off the head, IMPEACHMENT 2) Repeal all legislation backwards attributable to the President and both parties that should be removed to return this country to a Constitutional based not politically based balance.


Corrupted ballots, illegal registrations, buttloads of dead people and cartoon characters voting...yeah, ACORN may be dead, but their legacy libs on in Libtard Land. Honesty and ethics died there generations ago.

Paul Champagne

I too voted early ... the first day I was able to. I was anticipating a long wait to cast my ballot.

I was very disappointed. I was in and out in about 8 minutes and only saw 4 other voters. Hopefully it was because I went at the beginning, but my city is extremely blue ... with 48% voting a straight democratic ticket each election.

Hopefully the other 52% of voters will join me in voting Sylvester Reyes out.

New Attitude.

I wish I could tell you I was optimistic. I am not. It will take years to undo the damage done by progressives, more than one or even two presidential terms. Our president is trying to rally the troops. I think he is succeeding somewhat by focusing on the youth. Which, BTW, I think we should be capitalizing on, by reaching out to seniors with the message that they matter to conservatives. But I digress.

I am predicting modest gains in the House, and not much change in the Senate. Obama will not move from the left on his positions as he is defiant. He will successfully blame gridlock on the right and as the economy improves slightly, will make a return to the WH in 2012.

I am hopeful he slips up though. I have always thought his Achilles heel was his temper. I think, with the correct planning and exploiting the right situation, we could see it unleashed. If the media were truly unbiased, it would be his undoing. Alas, they would simply praise him for his ‘passion’.

I just don’t currently see any silver linings.


Brian: You make a good point, I hope they will follow your suggestions, but I doubt it. I'm not that gleeful, ha.

Skunkfeathers: You are right, the corruption in the voting process seems worse than ever. I'm going to post some reports on this later.

Paul: We were the only two people voting when we went yesterday. Yes the weather was bad and probably most who had planned to vote early have already done so.

New Attitude: I understand where you are coming from. I truly hope you are wrong. I would hope that the older folks would see what is happening. Old, White men have long been a strong voting block, but this time I don't think color should matter. Yes there will still be some who will continue voting Democrat no matter what. When you have half of the population on government handouts, it couldn't be any other way.

Ralph  E.

A Snake Hunter Sez,

Thank you Debbie; a fine post!

The return to a healthy two-party governance requires a keen awareness of the many billionaire groups that first put B.H. Obama in office. The Destructive Change to "Progressive/Socialism" could take decades to remove.

Eternal Vigilence is the price the majority must pay to maintain our American Exceptionalism.

George Soros and his minions
...have put B.H. Obama and his Chicgo crew in office with big-money endorsements, and these manipulators will still be there after the election passions have settled down.

Another major problem:

Those 'moderate imams' will continue to invade our cultural centers, and our business and educational systems, with their Mosques & Madrassa, funded by Saudi oil wealth.

Right Truth is an exceptional effort; keep punching 'em Debbie!

___ ___


The best we can hope for is gridlock. Without a large enough majority in both house to overturn a veto nothing will get rolled back. When the lame duck congress comes back they will be pissed and they will pass even more left wing legislation. They will tie everything into the budget that they conveniently failed to pass and the only way to stop them will be to shut down the government. Although I would personally like that most people won't. What I hope will happen is the house will go Republican and the various committees begin investigating the considerable crimes of this president. I would also love to see a special prosecutor or two or three appointed as well.

Internet Knowitall

You may have high hopes but the facts do not support them. What will happen is gridlock, more spending, more bailouts and the continued relentless slide into the third world that was started in 2008. Oh and Mexico will become a failed state resulting in a Somalia on your doorstep.

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