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November 08, 2010


R.J. Godlewski


People from Mumbai have been downloading my Independent Counterterrorist modules in droves since the terrorists attacks there. I don't think they bought into Obama's "Jihad by any other name" stic.

Opus #6

Debbie, I saw something else recently that explains the left's fondness of first socialism/communism and now islam.

Leftists are "beta males". They wish to be submissive, but must choose something to submit to. American rugged independence is not for them. They prefer totalitarian philosophies so they don't have to shoulder their own responsibilities.

I can't forget that Rivka Holtzberg was visibly pregnant at the time of her brutal torture/murder. I am sickened at the remembrance of what was done to her and her husband. I will never forget.


Opus #6: I had forgotten that she was pregnant, which makes it even worse. As to the "beta males", that interesting and sounds accurate. It also sounds very bad for the U.S. Hopefully things are turning around with these latest elections.

R.J.: No the folks in India did not buy what Obama was selling, and they made that clear with public comments, some I linked to. Now he is in Indonesia, his second homeland, with Kenya being first. He will visit mosques and submit ti Islam and jihad again.

Paul Champagne

I never considered Americans as "Beta" ... it sure does make you think.


"How many is a few?"
Maybe the 14 mussies that gang raped my daughter in 2000.
Do you think that's enough or do they want more?


The distaste for this man and his pushing of islam into our faces every time we turn around is becoming palpable. We are getting him out of office at the first possible moment.


Why was Iman Rauf in Indonesia just before Obama arrived?To prepare his speech?Is he Obama's spiritual advisor?

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