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November 29, 2010


R.J. Godlewski

WikiLeaks versus WeakyPresident. Who's going to win? Pffft.


I know, I'm so tired of Obama. But come January it might be a different story.

Right Truth


The big question for me is will our military around the world, our diplomats and others be in greater danger because of these leaked documents?.. guess we shall see DEB...


I would say some Arab leaders might be in more jeopardy after this release, assuming anyone in their countries can access the info.

As to PFC Manning, I believe he's a dual UK-US citizen and also gay. That means he'll probably never get the death penalty or even life--more like a book deal.

Vegas Art Guy

I'm still stunned that wikileaks is still operational after the first dump. Is it a coincidence that this did not happen during the last administration? Didn't think so...


"Ambassador John Bolton, who says he may run for President in 2012, said any American involved in providing these classified documents to WikiLeaks should be tried for treason. Generals on Fox News say any American involved should be executed."

Amen to that, and if some sort of accident were to befall wikileaks, like in those hollywood movies that liberals always fantasize about, i wouldn't lose any sleep over it.


The consequences are more people will realise that USA is the biggest abomination on this earth and the sooner its decline is complete the better for the rest of us.


Monkton must be a Wikileak moron of the first order.


I don't understand how people can blame the president for the leaks. No one blames President Bush for the Abu Ghraib pictures being leaked.


This keeps getting bigger and bigger, Drudge reading today, WIKI Leaks has documents on Russia. There are no bleeding heart liberals in russia! More than likely they will try to make them disapear. No second thoughts. just silence. WB


We don't blame Obama for the leaks, but we do blame his administration for allowing this to continue without consequences.


The Wikilead documents just prove to the respectable world what the human society knew already before: Shaking the hand with America makes such a hand turn black from stench, and the arm soon fall off.

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