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January 18, 2011



You know, when Christie spoke out against GZ mosque protesters, something seemed very wrong. His mean-spirited amusement at Sarah Palin gave some clues to a dark and arrogant side.

This is terrible, terrible news. I had no idea there was one Muslim on the NJ bench, and now another!

Thanks Debbie. It is important news.


Hamas are a splendid organisation who keep the Israelis in check.


Maggie: It is depressing. Whether he knows or is ignorant, both are dangerous.

R.J. Godlewski

Sort of what I warned about "false flag" politicians, isn't it?


I forgot to give you a "tip of the hat' on this, I'll go back and do that.

I'll let you respond to 'Rashid'.


R.J. Godlewski

Fair enough.

Rashid, I can walk from one end of the Middle East to the other and I have no fear that harm will come to me from either an Israeli (or Jew from wherever they live) or a Christian.

I'm willing to bet, however, that Muslims would distrust me, attack me, or try to cheat me out of what I have. AND, I doubt very much that I would be permitted to walk into Mecca and say that "Christ died to save all men from evil! Beware of false prophets!"

So until I see a Catholic church built and remain unmolested in Mecca, do not talk about keeping people in check. The only people who need to be corralled are Muhammadans.


A.C. McCloud

The pundits made much of Christie telling Wallace that he doesn't think himself arrogant enough to run for president after only a couple of years of governor experience. Everyone seemed to take that as a swipe at Obama, but connect the dots--who quit her governorship after 2 years?

I like Christie. He's the kind of no-nonsense pol we need more of. Maybe he doesn't think Palin is qualified--a lot of the GOP insiders don't. I'm not sure I do. But he won't be running because they'd be playing that clip over and over if he changed his mind, and unlike Obama (who also said he wouldn't) this time the media would care.

As to the Muslim thing, he would probably change his tune if ever running for prez since the Muslim vote wouldn't count for much.

Bogdan from Australia

Clouded judgment of AC.McCloud; So much for political sobriety of GOP's best hope for 2012.

He is always so eager to make a disparaging jab at his republican colegue Sarah Palin and yet we are to see him showing the courage to make similar references to Obama.

This is a cheap sort of courage. And that makes him crappy Presidential material.

On whose side is he?

Also, appart from rolling his eyes at the mention of Palin's chances as a prospective Pres. Candidate, he has never given any reasonable explanation for his doubts about Palins qualifications.

Chrisie, Krauthammer, Rove and now Gingrich...

Cowards. Hypocrites, Idiots.


Still trying to investigate this matter!!!


Great article. It seems a truly informed truly conservative politician is hard to find.

BTW, "oversite" is not a word. Use oversight instead.



Thanks everyone. VoiceOfAmerica: I guess "oversite" was an "oversight", ha

Isaac J.

Debbie and R.J. Your comments are appropos, just continue to stay on the Christie case. People like Rashid are empty vessels who will curse anyone who is not a Muslim. It is nothing but jealousy of Israel and it's achievemenst that drives this hatred. This is the state of Islam; it has created hundreds of millions of psychopaths and paranoid people in it's wake.

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